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Adding Events and Seminars

LeadCenter helps you create events with its multipurpose feature called Events & Seminars.

  • Click on Events & Seminars in the expandable left navigation panel to access this page.

You can perform a multitude of tasks on this page as mentioned below:

  • See a list of all events.
    • Use the Actions column to carry out event-related tasks.
  • Access a list of all attendees.
    • Use Actions column on All Attendees page to carry out attendees related tasks.
  • Upload a list of attendees via CSV.
  • Add a new event.
  • Copy event's public link.
  • View available integrations.

Exploring Events & Seminars

When you click on Events & Seminars in the left navigation panel, you'll land on the page with a list of all events.

Events list

You'll see the following information here:

  • Event ID
  • Internal Event Name
  • Type
  • Status
  • Date & Time
  • Capacity
  • Registered
  • More
  • Actions

Event actions

The Actions column enables you to:

  • Copy the event

  • Edit event details

  • View attendees

  • View and/or add cost of the event

  • View and/or add speakers of the event

  • Delete an event


You can specify your search using the filters on this page. Here’s a description for each of these filters:

  • Year: Use this filter to see the year when the event is scheduled for or when it took place.

  • Month: Use this filter to see the month when the event is scheduled for or when it took place.

  • Type: Use this filter to specify the type of event. For example, a webinar.

  • Status: Use this filter to search an event based on its status. For example, completed or scheduled.

Other functions

You'll see the following buttons in the top right side of the Events & Seminars page:

All Attendees

Click on this button to see a list of all attendees. By going to the All Attendees List, you can use the Actions column to:

  • Change an attendee's status

  • Remove an attendee

  • Add notes regarding an attendee.

  • Add meal for an attendee

  • Move an attendee to a different event

Upload Attendees

You can use this button to upload a file of attendees.

Add New Event

  • Click on this button to get to the event creation form.
  • Fill in all the required information there to create a new event.

Events Public Link

Click this button to copy events' publicly accessible links. You can publish these links on your website for your clients' easy access.


Use this button to see the available integrations that we offer for all your events. This feature helps you automatically capture registration from mail providers.

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