Adding HTML and CSS Code to Website Pages

The Advanced Coding feature of LeadCenter.AI Website manages the customized CSS and JavaScript Coding. For using your advanced coding knowledge, Orxy Cloud provides a space for writing your customized codes in the supported formats. You can use the CSS and JavaScript to change fonts, colors, and backgrounds etc.  To add CSS and JavaScript codes to your website […]

Advanced Styling

The Advanced Styling feature of LeadCenter.AI Website is an advanced form of styling which by default has plain and minimal styles. There are no rounded corners shadows etc. It list a range of advanced styling which can be changed or modified according to your requirement. The Default style which is generally applied to any new […]

Advanced Typography

The Advanced Typography feature of LeadCenter.AI Website is a type of design which uses advanced form of font, size, color, layout  and alignment. It list a range of advanced typography which can be changed or modified according to your requirement.  To change or modify Advanced Typography of Website; In LeadCenter.AI Store Manager > Website Builder, click Advance > Typography.The Advanced […]

Advanced Coloring

The Advanced Coloring feature of LeadCenter.AI Website manages the color scheme of your website. It comes with a pre-defined set of color schemes which you can choose from. Each pre-defined template comes with two major colors which is the primary color and secondary color, which comes with both light and dark options.It also provides the user […]

Introduction to Website Page Designer Tool

The LeadCenter.AI Website Builder comes with its in-built Website Page Designer Tool. This is a very easy-to-use formatting tool, that lets you edit and customize your website page. You can drag and drop the blocks, update them with new content, image, links, etc in each of the blocks. Website Page Designer ToolThe Website Page Designer Tool […]

Creating Landing Pages without Website Header and Footer

LeadCenter.AI Website is where you can create the landing pages for the website without a header or footer. A landing is usually a standalone webpage, which is specifically created or designed for marketing for your website. It generates visitors to leads for your specific website, with just a click on a link in an email, or ads from […]

Blog List: Manage Blog and Articles in Website

Blogs provides a gateway to share your story about your brand and what your company wants to achieve. It helps to establish your brand thereby establish your online presence. This section will show you how to create articles for your blog using LeadCenter.AI Website Builder so you can start publishing your blogs today. The following operations […]

Menus: Adding, Deleting, and Organizing Menu Items in your Website

The Orxy Cloud Menu page is where you can organize the menu items for your website by adding and organizing your menu items. The Menu page is organized into different sections.  Menu Page This Menu Page section will guide you to use the Menu page and use the different navigation sections. To open the Menu Page, go to LeadCenter.AI Store […]

Website Pages: Adding and Deleting Pages to Your Website

This section guides you through adding pages and deleting pages to your navigation. You can use different types of pre-defined templates as well as build your own templates from scratch. Adding a Page to your Website To add a page to your website, do the following; In LeadCenter.AI Store Manager > Website Builder, click Pages.The Custom Pages will be displayed. Click […]

Customizing Website Header and Footer

LeadCenter.AI Website Builder Pages is where the navigation and title or logo of your website is displayed. The header and footer is same throughout all the pages of your website. The header is positioned at the top of your site’s website and the footer is positioned at the bottom of your site’s website.This section describes how to […]

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