Website Themes: How to change your website template

Orxy Cloud Website Builder provides a range of pre-built layout pages which are the built-in themes. These are professional page designs and prearranged placeholder blocks. It lets you add content to the blocks, or delete them and the page gives a customized look and feel.  The Choose Theme page also allows you to have a preview […]

Domain Setup and DNS Records for your Website

A domain name and a hosting site is very important for your website. If you purchased a custom domain from a third-party provider, you can set up the domain and DNS records by following the instructions provided in the below topics. Setting up the Domain To set up the domain name, do the following; What is […]

Introduction to Website Builder

Overview It is a super-fast website builder and takes less than 30 minutes to build your website. It helps you to customize your domain and customize the URL for SEO, thereby building website pages and menus for your website. It also helps you manage your leads from the dashboard via E-mail and SMS service. For more […]

Add Forms to your Website

After creating the quotation form, it will be displayed in the Forms page, where you can see the generated code for each particular quotation form. This code needs to be added in the section or page of your website, based on your requirement. For support on integrating the code contact LeadCenter.AI Support team. To integrate the code […]

Creating Customized Forms

LeadCenter.AI allows you to create your own customized Quotation Forms from the Forms page.For creating quotation forms from the pre-defined list of quotation forms see How to Create Quotation Forms. The Build Your Form section allows you to edit, and delete the required fields for the forms. You can add pages, rows, and columns. You can […]

How to Create and Build Forms

LeadCenter.AI allows you to create an inline or modal pop-up form from the Forms page. The Forms page allows you to create your quotation forms, edit them, and also lets you have a preview of your quotation forms.The Form page displays the list of forms that are available for your website, where you can see […]

Types of Forms

LeadCenter.AI allows you to create forms online and efficiently manage your data. It comes with a default in-built set of forms which you can use according to your requirements or you can also easily build your own customized forms.  There are two types of Quotation forms which is supported by LeadCenter.AI, which is Modal Form […]

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