Configuring to capture leads through integration with Zapier

Zapier is an online platform that helps you automate workflows by connecting the apps and services you use. This allows you to automate tasks without having to build this integration yourself, or hiring someone to build this integration for you. LeadCentre.AI integrates with Zapier to push leads to other CRM using Zapier. To integrate with Zapier, […]

Configuring External Forms

LeadCenter.AI External Forms are the forms that are created to integrate 3rd Party forms. To configure the external forms firstly you need to register your domain website with LeadCenter.AI to track browsing history and secondly register the form in your website in LeadCentre.AI by creating the external forms. Registering a New Domain To register a […]

Configuring Form Builder

LeadCenter.AI comes with a list of inbuilt inline and modal forms which are mostly used to receive leads from custom forms.  You can also add new forms from the Lead Capturing > Forms page, by clicking on the plus button. Previewing a Form To preview a form do the following: Editing a form To edit […]

Configuring Email Redirect (Leads by Email)

An Email Redirect (Leads by Email) is used to forward leads to your lead management dashboard automatically using your lead source’s unique Email ID. The Email Redirect (Leads by Email) page displays the Lead Source, Assigned Email, and Action column. From this page, you can request for an Email ID to be generated for forwarding emails. Configuring an Email Redirect To configure an […]

Setting Up Sources

This section describes setting the lead sources. There are various platforms like email marketing, campaigning, social media platforms, calls, etc,  through which lead sources can be generated.A lead source can best be defined as the original point at which a customer first hears about you. It’s the first step in your lead funnel and ground zero […]

Introduction to Mediums and Sources

A lead medium can best be defined as the way the lead arrived at the LeadCenter.AI Lead Management System. Each Source can be assigned one medium of a different type. For example, if you create a Source called Google Ad, you can assign a Virtual Phone number, Email redirect Account, and Website Form to that Source. The supported mediums are:No operation is […]

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