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Appointment activities of Orxy Cloud helps you to create appointments. You can use this section to manage your appointments with clients and schedule resources side by side. You can drag and drop appointments between different resources. 

It also allows you to switch calendar based on the resource. See Setting Up Calendar and Resources to create a calendar for each resource.

To create a new appointment, do the following;

  1. Go to LeadCenter.AI Store Manager page 
  2. Click on Appointments 
    The Appointments page is displayed.
  3. Click on the  button.
    The New Appointment page is displayed.
  4. Enter the required information to set up the appointment and click  button
Fields Description
TimeZone From the drop down timezone list, select the required time based on you or the lead’s preferred time.
Calendar Select the available resource calendar.
Appointment Date Select the appointment date and click Apply.
Start Time Pick your start time in hour and minute format and click Apply.
End Time Pick your end time in hour and minute format and click Apply.
Subject Enter the subject for the appointment for example “Demo meeting with Lead“. 
Comment Enter comment for the appointment for example “Discussion about the Website
Customer Name Enter the customer name
Customer Email Enter the customer email ID
Customer Mobile Enter the customer mobile number
Customer Company Enter the customer company name
Service the customer is interested in Select the service the customer is interested in from the drop-down list. See How to Create Standard Services (Offers) to create the services.
  1. Note : A lead will be created based on customer information provided above, which you can view in Leads page.
    You have successfully created an appointment with the lead. You can view details about the appointment by clicking on the created appointment as highlighted below.

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