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Creating Customized Forms

LeadCenter.AI allows you to create your own customized Quotation Forms from the Forms page.
For creating quotation forms from the pre-defined list of quotation forms see How to Create Quotation Forms.

The Build Your Form section allows you to edit, and delete the required fields for the forms. You can add pages, rows, and columns. You can customize each field by editing the basic details, validation rules, and sizing info. The fields in the Basic Details page and Validation Rules are displayed based on the selection of the Field Type.

Field Type

Each of the field type values is shown below an image for each field.

  1. Static Text
  2. Separator
  3. Text
  4. Textarea
  5. Select
  6. Checkbox
  7. Checkbox Group
  8. Radio Group

Building Your Quotation Forms

To build your customized quotation form, do the following;

  1. Go to the LeadCenter.AI Store Manager page 
  2. On the left navigation, click on Website Builder 
    The Website Builder page is displayed.
  3. On the left navigation, click on Forms
    The Forms page is displayed.
  4. Click on Add New Form  , to add a new quotation form.
    The Create a new form dialog box is displayed.
  5. Choose "Choose a template from the list" and click .
    The Form Builder page is displayed.
    Step 1 Build Your Form section provides options to add, modify, and delete.
  6. Follow the sub-steps below to edit the Build Your Form section.
    1. Click on edit  to edit the Page Details and click Done. 
    2. Click on   to and choose the number of columns and click 
    3. In the Custom Field click on edit  icon
    4. Enter the field information details for Basic Details, Validation Rules, and Sizing Info.

    5. Click Done, after the information, is entered.
      You have successfully build your own quotation form.
    6. To delete any row click on  .

      You have successfully deleted a row.
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