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The Contacts Page

LeadCenter is an omni-suite that enables you to efficiently manage large volumes of lead data and categorize it based on your business model. The Contacts section in LeadCenter enables you to store, manage, categorize, and analyze lead details effectively.

Access the Contacts

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Expand the left navigation panel.
  3. Click on Contacts from the menu.
  4. You’ll land on the Contacts page.

Let’s explore what this section has to offer:

Adding a contact

To add a contact, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the Add New button on the top right side.
  2. A modal will open.
  3. Fill in the required information. Note: Only the First Name field is mandatory.
  4. Click Save Contact to proceed or Cancel to go back.

Upload CSV and Download

In addition to manually adding a new contact, you can use the Upload CSV button to transfer your contacts database into LeadCenter. Similarly, the Download button can download the contacts database from LeadCenter.

For detailed information regarding the Upload and Download CSV, check out the following resources:
Downloading Leads to CSV (for further analysis)
Uploading Leads Via CSV


You can specify your search using the filters on this page. Here’s a description for each of these filters:

Came Between

Use this dropdown to find a contact(s) based on the time it arrived. You can select from various options such as last 7 days, last month, etc.


Use this dropdown to define the contact based on the business type. For example, if this contact is interested in investment and insurance or if it’s insurance only. You can set the categories based on your business model.


Use this dropdown to see a list of users and select the one required. For example, check the box next to your name if you want to see contacts added only by you.


Use this dropdown to further define this contact by its stage. For example, if this contact is a new lead, you can tag it Hot Lead.

Client Status

Use this dropdown to mark this contact with the latest client status. For example, converted.

Sort by

Use this dropdown to sort the list of contacts by choosing the required option.

Spam and Trash

Scroll down to the end of the page and you'll see two buttons on the right side:

  • Spam: Use this button to move a lead to the Spam folder.
  • Trash: Use this button to move a lead to Trash folder.

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