Our Commitment to Support Houston Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners during COVID19:

December 4, 2020

Free CRM and Website integrated with Lead Management and Appointments Software and Free assistance services to setup.

Since I came back to Houston in July, I've been very eager to find time to support and contribute back to our great community. I was discussing the same with our Marketing Director and she came up with a great idea: "You will not find free time, how about we help Houstonians with something we are passionate about:- building software. We have a free version of our product, but we charge for onboarding services. why don't we offer onboarding and setup services for free to a number of Houston businesses each month."

Our platform helps small and medium service businesses with an Integrated Software to build a websitemanage leadsappointmentseCommerce, and much more. Business owners still need help to set up their website, the pages, upload content and graphics, and get trained to use the software. This comes with service charges from freelancers or a Houston digital marketing agency.

This is a difficult time where COVID19 has impacted so many people; that combined with the fact that a lot are trying to setup their own businesses to make a living, we will be offering our services for free at least one day per week for the next three months. Two team members and I have volunteered to participate. With this time, we can help between 30 and 50 Houston based small service businesses or new business owners to setup online with a modern and responsive website integrated with calendaring and lead management system. We will also train you on using the software to manage your online presence to generate business online.

As part of the program, we will also run free technical workshops on what we learned about effective digital marketing campaigns:- like do's and don'ts with Google Ads, how to build a landing page, how to run an SEO campaign on a budget, etc.

What is LeadCenter.AI?

LeadCenter.AI is a cloud-based CRM software for small service businesses to build a website fully integrated with lead management, cloud telephony, calendaring, appointments, eCommerce, chatting, and notification systems. While the various components of our platform are available already in the market, it is expensive and beyond the reach of small service businesses. It can cost up to $10,000 or more to get all those components and related services to integrate them together. With LeadCenter.AI our vision is to make the same software, with the functionality that matters the most for small businesses, available either for free or at price point that doesn't exceed $99 per month inclusive of services.

What is included under the Free Plan?

The free plan includes a Free CRM integrated with a free Website Builder, free hosting, integrated Calendaring and Appointments System, an easy to use integrated Lead Management System, and receiving leads by email and contact forms. The Free plan is suitable for new business owners that wants to advertise about their service business online and get leads and appointments organized from those sources.

So What are you offering to Houston-based businesses under this program?

We will provide the onboarding and setup services for free for a number of businesses for three months. It will be first come, first served because we will have the capacity to support 30 to 50 businesses each month. We will also run online training to teach you have to use the software to run your business online.

Is there going to be any charges I have to pay after one year?

No, you can continue on the Free Plan. It is FREE FOR LIFE. Please check our terms of services for all the terms and conditions that apply to this program.

Will I get support after the setup?

Yes, you can send any support request to support@leadcenter.ai.

How do I sign-up?

Register for free at app.leadcenter.ai. The first 10 registration each Monday will get into the program and they will have their website ready latest by the following Sunday. You can also send us an email to houston@leadcenter.ai and will enroll you into the program.

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