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Last Updated: October 30, 2023

Introducing Enhanced Email Customization (October 30, 2023)

Email HTML Input

🚀 Introducing: Email HTML Input

Transform your email marketing with our innovative Email HTML Input feature! Embed HTML code and use shortcodes to create highly personalized and visually appealing emails. Here's how it elevates your email campaigns:

📧 Advanced HTML Editor: Directly input HTML code for custom email designs. Include shortcodes for personalized touches in each email.

🎨 Boundless Creativity: Break free from standard templates – design unique emails that truly represent your brand.

👁️ Precise Preview: Check how your HTML and shortcodes render in real-time, ensuring perfect emails every time.

The Email HTML Input feature redefines your email outreach, offering unparalleled customization and engagement potential.

  • Email HTML Input: We’re introducing a new feature that allows you to enter HTML code directly into the email editor. Any HTML embed code entered will be rendered properly.
  • Rich Text Support: We've updated this feature to improve your experience. Primary notes, tasks, and notes/comments are now supported in rich text format for more versatile and visually engaging content.
  • Financial Questionnaire Authentication Email: We've improved email customization. The FQ Authentication code email will now come from your client’s business email or include your business name as the sender's name.
  • Financial Questionnaire Merging: Financial Questionnaire submissions are now merged when you merge leads and contacts, streamlining lead and contact management.
  • User Interface: We've updated the user interface for a more intuitive experience. The back button icon for the entire app has been improved.
  • Business Hours Default: Under calendar settings, business hours now default to ending at 5:00 PM instead of 6:00 PM when adding a new user.
  • Fixed an issue with the Financial Questionnaire Dashboard. You can now successfully filter by status DRAFT without any issues.
  • Resolved a bug related to Outlook Calendar Sync. Appointments created in LeadCenter now sync seamlessly with Outlook.
  • Fixed a bug where Microsoft birthday and vacation calendars weren't being deleted correctly from LeadCenter.

Contact Merge Simplifies Lead Management (October 19, 2023)

Contact Merge Feature

🚀 Introducing: Contact Merge Feature:

Effortlessly manage and declutter your contacts with our newest feature – Contact Merge! Tired of duplicates cluttering your dashboard? The Contact Merge feature simplifies your life by allowing you to merge multiple contact entries into one, creating a clean, organized contact list. Here’s what you can do:

🔗 Merge Duplicate Contacts: Say goodbye to duplicated contacts. The Contact Merge feature allows you to consolidate multiple contact entries into a single, neatly organized contact.

🔀 Seamless Data Management: When you merge contacts, all their information is seamlessly combined into one comprehensive contact profile. No more sifting through duplicates to find the right data.

📂 De-clutter Your Dashboard: An organized dashboard is a productive dashboard. Remove the chaos of duplicate contacts and keep your dashboard clean and efficient.

The Contact Merge feature is here to simplify your life. It’s just one of the many enhancements we’ve added in this release to make your LeadCenter.AI experience smoother and more efficient.

  • Financial Questionnaires List Screen: Access and manage your financial questionnaires effortlessly with this new addition to the left pane.
  • Search and Pagination: Enjoy more efficient navigation with the introduction of search and pagination options in Email Templates, SMS Templates, and Workflow Screens.
  • Client Status Filter: Enhance your lead and contact management with the new Client Status filter in Lead & Contact Dashboards.
  • Edit Client Status: Now, you can conveniently edit client statuses right from the Lead Details Overview card.
  • User Count: Keep track of your users more effectively with the newly added user count feature in the Manage User screen.
  • Responsive Design: Experience seamless usability with the responsive design of the Manage User screen.
  • Additional Filters: We've included filters in the Contact dashboard for your convenience.
  • Job Status: In the Lead Details Overview, you can now find "Semi-Retired" in the drop-down menu under Job Status.
  • Fixed table responsiveness issues for Contacts.
  • Resolved a bug that caused the “Came between” filter on Contacts & Leads pages to ignore other filters.
  • Fixed Leads Duplicate Contacts table responsiveness issues.
  • Resolved a bug where removing filters on Leads/Contacts resulted in tag removal.
  • Fixed pagination issues in the Lead detail page for email tags.
  • Addressed a bug where the back button on the merge page became non-functional post-merge.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented pushing a lead to Redtail CRM due to existing family info.
  • Eliminated the issue where the duplicate label still showed after a merge.
  • Fixed a bug where the default confirmation email was greyed out instead of being selected by default.
  • Now, confirmation emails sent by appointments are saved in the email logs in the lead details page.
  • After successful rescheduling, it now correctly redirects to the lead details.
  • Resolved a bug where, after appointment cancellation, the email confirmation was sent manually with old appointment info.
  • The reschedule email is now properly saved in the email logs.
  • Fixed a bug where creating an appointment from the calendar didn’t work for users without a Redtail connection or new users.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and enhancements as we continuously strive to improve your LeadCenter.AI experience. Your feedback is our driving force, and we look forward to bringing you more innovative solutions. 🌟

Tag Management System (October 2, 2023)

Tag Management System

We're thrilled to introduce some game-changing features:

  • Tag Management System: You now have advanced tag management capabilities within LeadCenter! Admin users can effortlessly create and manage tags directly from the setup screen. This powerful addition forms the bedrock for improved data organization and categorization.
  • Contact Dashboard Filters: But wait, there's more! To elevate your user experience, we've extended this feature to the contact dashboard. Users can efficiently view and edit tags for each contact right from the overview screen, making contact management a breeze.
  • SMS and Email Templates: We've updated the SMS and email templates drop-down menus to the new filter for an even better user experience.
  • Search by Multiple Tags: Enjoy enhanced search functionality, allowing you to search by multiple tags in the lead and contact dashboard.
  • Appointment Creator Information: We've added "Created by" information to appointments, helping you track the user responsible for creating appointments.
  • Appointment Creator Payment Tracking Report: Introducing the ability to generate an Appointment Creator Payment Tracking Report for deeper insights and tracking.

We've taken care of some pesky bugs to ensure a smoother experience:

  • Fixed an issue where the copy button was malfunctioning in the Financial Questionnaire.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented the previous button from working correctly in all steps of the Financial Questionnaire.
  • Addressed a navigation hiccup where tab switching after saving was unresponsive in the Financial Questionnaire.
  • Remedied the problem in Event Organizer that incorrectly assigned the same title to all added organizers.
  • Resolved a sorting issue with appointments not displaying the most recent first.
  • Fixed an urgent bug in Oak Harvest’s Appointment Reminders to ensure they are now sent out as scheduled.
  • Improved the tag management system by making the edit tag duplicate validation check case-sensitive.
  • Rectified a timezone selection error in Bookmytime.ai when the timezone wasn’t chosen automatically.
  • Addressed a bug affecting the order of appointments when sending emails and SMS, ensuring the correct appointment is now selected.
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