How to Automate Production Tracking for Annuities and Insurance Products and Integrate It With Redtail

September 8, 2023

Embracing automation for enhanced financial advisory

The daily operations of a financial advisory firm involve streamlining workflows, managing clients’ accounts lists, organizing advisors’ payments, tracking leads, and dealing with complex financial portfolios. Additionally, you must keep up with the current marketing trends in investment strategies and carve out the most suited financial plan for each client. The complex nature of this business sets it apart from the “standard office work”.

Here we’ll talk about how LeadCenter can take the workload off you by offering innovative solutions such as automating the production tracking. This process improves the overall operations of your financial advisory firm and elevates your financial advisors’ performance.

With its transformative abilities, automation has paved the way for enhanced efficiency and improved productivity. Moreover, the integration with Redtail CRM enables you to manage client accounts, analyze production performance, and gain valuable insights based on real-time statistics.

The essence of production reports

The production reports empower you to view your company’s performance by compiling the data into digestible elements. It involves visual aids such as charts, graphs, and tables to represent different elements of production services. It presents you with KPIs to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and allows you to comprehend your company’s performance.

performance tracking

As a financial advisor, you can delve deeper into the insights provided by the production reports. You can inspect revenue streams, monitor the overall performance of your company, and explore the possibilities for expansion and growth.

In the ever-transforming realm of financial advisory, informed decision-making is of immense value. The production reports serve as a catalyst in this regard. These reports consolidate real-time data and help you take action accordingly.

LeadCenter’s Production Reports: An Overview

LeadCenter hosts a dedicated section for production reports. You can access different kinds of reports here. These reports serve the purpose of keeping you well-informed of the daily activities of your organization and taking action accordingly.

  • All Productions Report: This report consists of client accounts in varying statuses. For example, issued, pending, and cancelled. You can filter by advisors, sources, insurance and AUM products, and insurance companies. The visual aids contain graphs, tables, and charts to showcase information in a digestible manner.
  • Issued Productions Report: This report consists of client accounts that have been issued. It presents all the information related to issued accounts in terms of key dates. You can view tables, charts, and graphs that display the amount issued by year, quarter, month, week, and day.

These reports help you understand the daily operations of your organization. You can take into account the overall metrics of your business and extract valuable insights.

Configuring automated production tracking

LeadCenter enables you to automate production tracking and allows for accurate and streamlined operations.

Setting up annuities and insurance accounts

As a financial advisor, you’re well aware of all the financial products and their unique attributes. LeadCenter presents you with the ability to easily configure client accounts for annuities and insurance products. Once you set up these accounts with relevant details, the automation helps you track and record the follow-up processes.

Real-time updates on account values and tax status

The financial advisory industry is all about evolving trends and transforming marketing strategies. In such a situation, automated production reports present an accurate picture of account values and tax statuses. It equips you with the most current information and empowers you to make strategic decisions.

Coordinating key dates

One of the most critical aspects of your financial advisory operations is to keep a record of the key dates. These key dates are:

  • Engagement: First interaction with the client
  • Application signed: The day you get a client on board.
  • Funding: the date when your client issued the funds for investment.

Keeping track of these dates is crucial for the organized operations of your company. With its automated production tracking systems, LeadCenter enables you to not only effortlessly record these dates but also present required date filters.

Calculating commission fee

Automating the production tracking systems has a key advantage. It enables you to accurately calculate commission payments and fees. Here you can take advantage of LeadCenter’s robust features and configure commission plans for all the financial advisors in your company. The automation helps you track and record the commission payments correctly. It fosters an environment of trust within your employees and motivates them to achieve organizational goals.

Empowering financial advisors

LeadCenter offers automated production reports to empower you. You can access crucial information such as the clients’ accounts list, investable assets issued by clients, financial advisors’ contributions towards the company, etc.

Informed excellence

Automated production reports empower financial advisors with much-needed information. By viewing statistics regarding client interactions and portfolio performance, you can tailor your strategy to your client’s needs. It allows you to deliver superior financial services to your clients and develop meaningful connections.

Streamlined commission tracking

Streamlining commission calculation is one major aspect of empowering financial advisors. Manually entering data for each financial advisor, keeping track of it, and updating it as needed; sounds exhausting! It also requires tedious hard work and a dedicated person, or a team, in the case of a bigger organization. It carries with it the risk of inconsistencies, discrepancies, and data loss. Automation helps mitigate all these risks and enables you to focus on core business values.

performance tracking

Customization and automation - A robust combination

Customization helps you make smart choices and automation helps you implement those choices. With LeadCenter’s innovative solutions, you can customize commission plans for diverse advisors based on their contribution, skillset, and expertise. This way you can acknowledge your advisors’ unique value and empower them to reach for more.

This combination of customization and automation allows you to seamlessly adapt to evolving needs regardless of the market shifts and/or your business trajectory. This kind of flexibility and scalability drives growth and draws value.

Marketing Spent

Benefits of automated production tracking

Some key benefits of automated production tracking include:

Saving time and enhancing efficiency

Time is money and you cannot spend it on manually tracking and recording data. It will always be prone to human errors and can cause severe consequences.

Automated production tracking helps you take care of such repeated business activities and allows you to focus your energy on developing client relationships and exploring growth opportunities. By adopting automation, you’ll see an unprecedented increase in efficiency.

Data accuracy and fostering trust

Be it monetary transactions, clients’ investable assets, compensation structures, or advisors’ commission plans; data accuracy is critical.

With automation, the risk of human error is mitigated which translates into precise, consistent, and accurate data. This fosters trust between you and your clients and paves the way for a better client association.

Conducting enhanced internal audits

Automated production tracking helps identify patterns and weaknesses.

By having a comprehensive view of your organization, you gain the ability to conduct a better internal audit and improve performance.

Ensuring scalability and flexibility

You can rely on automation to keep up with the evolving business needs.

You can rely on automation to keep up with the evolving business needs. As your business grows, automation helps you customize workflows around compensation structures and commission payments. This ensures that your organization's operations remain effective, regardless of its expansion.

Integration with Redtail CRM

LeadCenter offers integration with the Redtail CRM. This integration acts as a bridge between two platforms to exchange data. You can harness the power of this data transfer in terms of:

  • The seamless flow of data synchronization to enhance efficiency and accuracy.
  • Correctly mapping fields to ensure value and avoid errors or inconsistencies.
  • Avoiding the confusion of duplicated data with the harmonious integration between the two platforms.
  • Reflecting implemented changes across the two platforms in real-time.


Automation has enveloped the world of the financial advisory industry and has become an imperative tool in navigating success. With its transforming prowess, automation provides precise calculations and streamlines complex workflows. It empowers you to make strategic decisions based on real-time insights and drive growth. In this journey of ever-evolving business needs, LeadCenter is your steadfast partner. With its innovative solutions, LeadCenter helps you automate commission plans, accounts setup, and production reports. 


Refer to our knowledgebase for a step-by-step implementation guide:


  1. Why Are Production Reports Vital for Financial Advisors?

Production reports empower financial advisors with the most up-to-date information to better manage your sales, marketing and operations. These reports present data in real time and allow you to make strategic choices. You can access business statistics and analyze performance metrics to determine market trends and growth opportunities.

  1. How Does LeadCenter Automate Fee and Commission Calculations?

LeadCenter presents fee configuration as the onboarding setup and also hosts a dedicated section named Commissions to automate fee and commission calculations for annuities and insurance products.

  1. Can Commission Plans Be Tailored for Individual Advisors?

Yes! LeadCenter harnesses the power of automation, combines it with customization, and enables you to create custom plans for your diverse workforce of financial advisors.

  1. What Insights Can Advisors Extract from the Production Reports Dashboard?

The Production Reports dashboard provides valuable insights such as:

  • Performance metrics
  • Visual representation of revenue streams in the form of charts, graphs, and tables
  • Breakdown of investable assets by year, quarter, month, week, and day
  • Clear visibility into products and clients bringing in the highest money flux
  1. How Does Redtail CRM Integration Amplify Production Tracking?

The integration between LeadCenter and Redtail allows for a synchronized data exchange. You can push client information to Redail from LeadCenter and get a comprehensive view of your clients’ activities within the CRM. You can leverage this unified ecosystem for better client management and streamlined reporting.

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