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Add Forms to your Website

After creating the quotation form, it will be displayed in the Forms page, where you can see the generated code for each particular quotation form. This code needs to be added in the section or page of your website, based on your requirement. For support on integrating the code contact LeadCenter.AI Support team.

To integrate the code to use the quotation forms in your website, do the following;

  1. In LeadCenter.AI Store Manager > Website Builder > Forms page
  2. Copy the quotation form code, that needs to be integrated into the website

  3. Click Pages and select the page where you want to add the code
  4. Click  on Actions > Edit

    For example; the Contact page is displayed.
  5. In the left navigation panel, click on this icon  and add the code wherever you want the form to display.

  6. Scroll down the code window scroll bar and click OK.
  7. Click on the Save Changes icon
    A success message will be displayed after the code is integrated.
    An example of the Contact Us page after integrating the code.
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