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Advisor Commission Payments Reports

LeadCenter presents Advisor Commission Payments Report for managing advisors’ commission payments transparently and efficiently. This dashboard offers a comprehensive view of advisors’ commission earnings and empowers you to make informed decisions based on real-time data. You can get insight into the total commission that the advisors are bringing in and track their success accordingly.

Access the Advisor Commission Payments Reports

To access the dashboard, follow the steps given below:

  1. Log into your LeadCenter account.
  2. Click on Reports in the left navigation sidebar.
  3. Navigate to Commission Reports and click on Advisor Commission Payments Reports.
  4. You’ll see the dashboard.

Dashboard summary

This dashboard contains dynamic components and enables you to apply filters to narrow down your search. You can also view different pie charts, line and bar graphs, and a tabular representation of the advisors’ accounts management activities.


You can see filters as dropdown buttons on the top of this dashboard. Let’s see what these filters represent:

Account Type

This dropdown reveals the account types the advisors are managing. For example, an insurance account or AUM products.


Click on this dropdown to see a list of insurance and AUM products to choose from.

Advisor Name

Use this dropdown to select the specific advisor and view statistics.

Customer Name

Click on this dropdown to select the required customer.


After the filters, you can see different metrics at-a-glance. These metrics are:

  • Amount Issued
  • Company Commission Amount
  • Paid to Bank Amount
  • Advisor Base Commission Amount
  • Advisor Payment Amount

Here's a brief description of each of these metrics:

Amount issued

The total investable amount issued by the client.

Company Commission Amount

The estimated fee for your company.

Paid to Bank Amount

The amount received in the company’s bank.

Advisor Base Commission Amount

The commission amount for advisors.

Advisor Payment Amount

The total amount paid to the individual advisors.

Pie charts

You can see two pie charts, each representing different statistics.

Amount Issued by Type

This pie chart reflects the percentage of the amount according to the account type.

Commission Amount by Advisor

This chart shows how much each advisor is making from the total commission amount.

Bar graphs

You’ll see two bar graphs reflecting different statistics.

Advisor Base Commission

This graph shows the advisors’ commission percentage for the account they’re managing.

Commission Amount by Advisor (Paid to Bank)

This graph shows the actual amount paid to the company for each individual advisor.

Other functions

The bar graphs offer some other functions as well. Click on the three-dot menu on the right side of the graph to reveal these options:

  1. Sort by: Select this option to sort the graph by Advisor Name or Advisor Base Commission.
  2. Reset: Select this option to return to the default view of the table.
  3. Export: Click on Export to see a modal with different options. Select one of the given file formats to start exporting the data represented in the graph.

Line graph

You can see one line graph representing the investable assets correlating with the required timeline.

Amount Issued - Timeline

This graph shows the total amount issued by clients within a specific timeline.

Tabular representation of advisors’ commission payments

By the end of this dashboard, you’ll find a table with different columns each representing a different element of the Advisor Commission Payments Reports.

List of Payments to Advisors

You’ll see the following columns in this table:

  • Contract Number: The unique number assigned to a contract.
  • Issued Date: The date when the contract was signed. The date when the investable amount was issued.
  • Product: The name of the insurance or AUM product.
  • Account Type: The type of account selected by the client. For example, insurance or AUM.
  • Customer Name: The name of the client.
  • Advisor Name: The name of the financial advisor taking point on this account.
  • Advisor Commission Payment Date: The date when the financial advisors will receive their payments.
  • Advisor Commission Payment Amount: The advisors’ fee.
  • Advisor Base Commission Amount (Estimate): The estimated commission amount for the financial advisor.
  • Amount Issued: The total investable amount issued by the client.
  • Company Commission Amount: The estimated commission amount for the company.
  • Paid to Bank Amount: The amount paid in the company’s bank account.
  • Advisor Base Commission: The advisor’s commission by percentage.
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