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Configuring Virtual Phone Numbers to Capture Phone Leads

A virtual phone number is used to redirect calls to your cell phone or landline from a particular landing page through a source which for example can be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. A virtual phone number is useful in terms of trackability, security, mobility, and simplicity for your business.

Let's see how you can set up a virtual phone number for a source in your LeadCenter account.

Configuring a virtual phone number 

To configure virtual phone number(s), follow the step-by-step instructions given below:

  1. Log into your LeadCenter account.
  2. Click on Setup in the navigation sidebar on the left.
  3. Under Lead Capturing, select Buy virtual phone numbers and setup call redirect.VPN-0
  4. You’ll see a list of sources.
  5. Click the Assign Virtual Number button next to the source you want to buy a virtual number for.VPN-2
  6. You'll see a list of virtual numbers to choose from.
  7. From the Number type dropdown, select Local or Toll Free as required.
  8. Click on the Assign button next to the number you select.VPN-Number type
  9. Enter the phone number where you want to receive the calls and then click Next.VPN-iv
  10. When prompted, click Buy Now to proceed to buy a virtual number.vpn-ii
  11. A pop-up message will display on screen confirming that you've successfully bought a virtual number.
  12. You'll see the Edit and Cancel buttons in the Actions column next to the source you bought the virtual number for.vpn-v

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