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Creating Landing Pages without Website Header and Footer

LeadCenter.AI Website is where you can create the landing pages for the website without a header or footer. 
A landing is usually a standalone webpage, which is specifically created or designed for marketing for your website. It generates visitors to leads for your specific website, with just a click on a link in an email, or ads from Google, social media platforms or similar places on the web. It is basically designed with a single focus or goal to achieve that benefits your website.

To create a landing page without header and footer;

  1. In LeadCenter.AI Store Manager > Website Builder, click Pages.
    The Custom Pages window is displayed
  2. Select the landing page and from the Actions drop-down click Edit

    The editing page is displayed.
  3. Click on Page Options & SEO Editor on the left side panel 

    The Page Options & SEO Editor page is displayed.
  4. Slide the Hide Common Header or Hide Common Footer button

  5. Click Done to save the changes 
    To see the changes go to home and click on the Refresh button.
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