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LeadCenter.AI allows users to manage their appointments and calendars. It helps you manage the working hours & calendar time of your employee.

To manage a task, do the following;

  1. Login to his account on LeadCenter.ai using https://app.leadcenter.ai/login
  2. On the left side navigation menu click on SETUP > Calendars
    The Manage Calendars & Appointments page is displayed.
  3. Select and click on Actions > Edit
  4. In the Edit Employee Calendars, enter the following details:
    1. On the Business Hours Settings step set the open/close day, and start/end time.
    2. On the Basic Employee Information step, update the employee details.
    3. On the Confirmation Email Template step, select the template from the drop-down list.

      For more details, to set up an email template see Creating Email Templates.
    4. On the Reminder Settings step,
      Set the reminder via SMS or Email and choose the virtual number to send reminders via SMS.

      For more details to set the virtual number see Configuring Call Redirect (Virtual Phone Number) to Capture Phone Leads.
    5. On Connect Your Account step, click on connect button to sync with this calendar.

    6. On Review & Save Changes, do a review of the edits.
  5. Click on Save Changes to save the edits for an employee.
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