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Marketing Spend Report

LeadCenter houses a dynamic Reports section that enhances your decision-making abilities via advanced analytics. One of these reports is the Marketing Spend Report. This report enables financial advisors to take inventory of the sources their leads originate from and allows them to allocate funds to suitable marketing campaigns.

Access the Marketing Spend Report

Follow the steps given below to access the Marketing Spend Report:

  1. Log in to your LeadCenter account.
  2. Expand the left navigation panel and click on Reports.
  3. Navigate to Marketing Reports and select Marketing Spend Report to access the dashboard.
  4. That’s all! You’ve landed on the Marketing Spend Report.


The Marketing Spend Report is composed of various elements. Let’s explore its components:


The filters on top of this dashboard allow you to find details regarding specific campaigns and channels. These filters are:

Source Name

Click on this dropdown to see the channels your leads originate from.

Campaign Name

Click on this dropdown to see different campaigns and select the one required.


This filter allows you to categorize a campaign by adding additional information in the form of a note.


You’ll see a tile below the filters with the total spend amount on it. You can take a quick look at the report and see the total amount spent on marketing campaigns.

Graphs and bar charts

The graphs and bar charts give you a clear view of the amount spent on each source and campaign. This breakdown of funds by source and campaign allows you to devise a clear strategy for future operations.

Bar graphs

The two bar graphs are:

Marketing Spend by Source

Here you’ll see funds allocated to each source. For example, from the total amount of $100K allocated to marketing spend, $50K is allocated to YouTube ads.

Marketing Spend by Campaign

This graph showcases the money spent on each marketing campaign you’ve run.

Line graph

You’ll see one line graph after the bar graphs.

Marketing Spend Timeline

This graph showcases the amount spent on marketing categorized by month or quarter as required.

Pie chart

You’ll find one pie chart here.

% Spend by Source

The pie chart here represents the percentage of the amount spent on each source. For example, 60% of your marketing campaign funds get allocated to YouTube ads.

Tabular representation of marketing spend

By the end of this report, you’ll see the tabular representation of marketing spend.

List of Marketing Spend

You’ll find information in the following columns:

  • Spend Date: The date when the money was spent.
  • Source Name: The source or channel the money was spent on.
  • Campaign Name: The name of the marketing campaign.
  • Note: Any additional information regarding the campaign.
  • Amount: The amount spent on a channel.

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