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LeadCentre.AI’s feature to send and receive E-mails, allows users to send and receive E-mails directly from the LeadCentre.AI interface. To send any E-mail from LeadCentre.AI, the user needs to configure an email-sending account, see Configuring Personal Level Email Account.
The LeadCenter.AI Emails section allows the user to :

  • Receive Emails
  • Reply to Emails

It also allows you to filter Emails based on their Stage, Email ID, Outgoing and Incoming, and Sort. Each filter drop-down option, lets you choose and filter the required Email. It also displays the total number of sent and received emails, open rate, and CTR.

Viewing Emails Details

The LeadCentre.AI Emails page displays the list of sent and received Emails for each lead.
To view the Email Details, do the following;

  1. On LeadCenter.AI, go to Emails
    The Emails page is displayed.
  2. Click on a Lead ID.

    The Lead Details page is displayed.

  3. Scroll and go to the Emails section.
  4. Click on the drop-down arrow to view the email details.

Sending Emails

To send an Email, do the following;

  1. On LeadCenter.AI, go to Emails
    The Emails page is displayed.
  2. On the Lead ID entries table, click on the Reply button.
  3. Compose the Email; do the following
    Click on the Shortcodes drop-down list to use shortcodes for the message. The Shortcodes drop-down is available only for Replying to Emails.
  4. Click on Send Email button to send the Email.

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