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Sending and Receiving E-mails

LeadCentre.AI’s feature to send and receive E-mails, allows users to send and receive E-mails directly from the LeadCentre.AI interface. To send any E-mail from LeadCentre.AI, the user needs to configure an email-sending account, see Configuring Personal Level Email Account.
The LeadCenter.AI Emails section allows the user to :

  • Receive Emails
  • Reply to Emails

It also allows you to filter Emails based on their Stage, Email ID, Outgoing and Incoming, and Sort. Each filter drop-down option, lets you choose and filter the required Email. It also displays the total number of sent and received emails, open rate, and CTR.
Sending and Receiving E-mails

Viewing Emails Details

The LeadCentre.AI Emails page displays the list of sent and received Emails for each lead.
To view the Email Details, do the following;

  1. On LeadCenter.AI, go to Emails
    The Emails page is displayed.
  2. Click on a Lead ID.
    Sending and Receiving E-mails
    The Lead Details page is displayed.
    Sending and Receiving E-mails
  3. Scroll and go to the Emails section.
  4. Click on the drop-down arrow to view the email details.
    Sending and Receiving E-mails

Sending Emails

To send an Email, do the following;

  1. On LeadCenter.AI, go to Emails
    The Emails page is displayed.
  2. On the Lead ID entries table, click on the Reply button.
    Sending and Receiving E-mails
  3. Compose the Email; do the following
    Click on the Shortcodes drop-down list to use shortcodes for the message. The Shortcodes drop-down is available only for Replying to Emails.
  4. Click on Send Email button to send the Email.

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