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Setting Up Manual Actions

LeadCenter.AI allows you to set up manual actions to send emails and SMSs, which can be sent manually when a lead has arrived or a lead is updated, for example: if a lead phone number or name is updated. You can also configure a manual action for closing a lead.

Creating Manual Actions

To create a manual (Email, SMS, Close Lead) action, do the following;

  1. On the LeadCenter.AI, go to Setup Workflows > Autoresponder
  2. Click Create Action to configure the autoresponder Email/SMS/Close Lead
  3. In the Basic Information section enter the following details:
    • Choose Action: Select the action Send Email/Send SMS/Close Lead.
    • Name: Enter the name to identify this action.
    • Choose Event: Select the event Manual
    • Condition: Enter a required condition For example (state==In progress).
      For reference see Test Condition.

      Setting Up Manual Actions Figure 47

  4. Enter the Action Details(Email, SMS, and Close Lead) field information and click Save Changes
    A message will be displayed “Action has been created successfully.”
  5. Click the Enable button to enable the Send Email/Send SMS/Close Lead action.
    Once it is enabled you can see the ENABLED status in the green tick mark.
  6. To edit a manual action, click the action you want to modify and click Save Changes.

    Setting Up Manual Actions Figure 48

  7. To disable a manual action, click on Disable button

    Setting Up Manual Actions Figure 49

Executing the Manual Action

To execute the manual action which you created in Creating Manual Actions section, do the following;
Note: You can also do a bulk Run Manual Action for the leads.

  1. On the LeadCenter.AI, go to Leads Dashboard
  2. Select a lead to run the manual action
    Click on Three Dots Icon and click Run Manual Action

    Setting Up Manual Actions Figure 50


    Click on Actions for Selected Leads and click Run Manual Action

    Setting Up Manual Actions Figure 51

  3. In the Run Manual Action dialog box, select the required action from the drop-down and click Run

    Setting Up Manual Actions Figure 52

    Once you run the action manually, it will send the email on a lead arrival event.
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