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Website Themes: How to change your website template

Orxy Cloud Website Builder provides a range of pre-built layout pages which are the built-in themes. These are professional page designs and prearranged placeholder blocks. It lets you add content to the blocks, or delete them and the page gives a customized look and feel. 

The Choose Theme page also allows you to have a preview at the existing built-in themes, by clicking on the Preview button. 

To change the theme for the website;

  1. In LeadCenter.AI Store Manager > Website Builder, click Choose Theme.
    The Choose Theme page is displayed.
  2. Select the theme that you want to apply and click Apply Theme button
    The Apply Theme page is displayed.
  3. Type Change Theme in the box below, then click on Change Theme button.
    A message "Theme change requested. Our team has been informed of your theme change request. They will get back to you shortly." is displayed.
  4. Click on  icon to see the newly applied theme for the website.
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