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Configuring Email Redirect (Leads by Email)

An Email Redirect (Leads by Email) is used to forward leads to your lead management dashboard automatically using your lead source's unique Email ID. 
The Email Redirect (Leads by Email) page displays the Lead Source, Assigned Email, and Action column. From this page, you can request for an Email ID to be generated for forwarding emails.

Email Redirect
Email Redirect

Configuring an Email Redirect

To configure an Email Redirect do the following:

  1. Go to the LeadCenter.AI Store Manager page 
  2. Click on Setup 
    The LeadCenter.AI SETUP page is displayed.
  3. Go to Leads > E-mails Redirect
    The E-mails Redirect page is displayed.
  4. Click   to generate a unique E-mail ID for forwarding emails

    A unique E-mail ID will be generated and assigned for the particular lead source. A successful message will be displayed.
  5. To copy E-mail ID you can click on 
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