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LeadCentre.AI integrates with Zapier to push leads to other CRM using Zapier. To integrate with Zapier, you need to generate an access token from the LeadCentre.AI user interface.

Configuring Zapier to push leads

To configure Zapier to push leads, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Zapier Account
    The Trigger dialog box is displayed.
  2. In the Trigger operation, do the following;
    1. Choose and enter the app name for example; LeadCenter.AI
    2. Enter the Event from the drop-down list and click Continue.
    3. To create a new account, click on Connect a new account.

      The Allow Zapier to access your LeadCenter.AI Account? page is displayed.
    4. Go to the LeadCentre.AI account and copy the newly generated access token.
      For more details to generate an access token, see “Configuring Access Token”.
    5. Enter the token access number and click Yes, Continue.

      The LeadCentre.AI account is connected.
    6. The Test your Trigger page is displayed.
    7. To test the trigger click on Test Trigger.
      If a new lead is found it will be displayed.
    8. Click Continue
      The Action dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the Actions operation, do the following; (this is only an example)
    For example; if want to push the lead to Gmail.
    1. Choose and enter an app (For example; Gmail)
    2. Enter an event, that will be performed when the Zap runs
    3. Connect to your Gmail to Sign In to your Google account and click Continue.
    4. In the Set Up Action, map the required fields to prepare the email body and click Continue.

    5. Click Test & Continue button OR Skip Test button.
    6. To publish Zap, click on Publish Zap > Publish & Turn On button.

      The Zap will be published.

      The Email Format in Zap:

      The Email format(When a new lead is created an email will be received in your configured Gmail account) in the below format:

      You have successfully configured Zapier.

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