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This section describes about setting the lead stages.

There are two stages; open and closed. The Open stage is where the lead has not been closed yet and is still in progress state. It consists of New and In Progress stages.  On the other hand closed stage is when the lead is in closed state, meaning you have scored the lead or if you have not scored the lead, they will be displayed in one of the closed states. It consists of Won, Lost, Disengaged, Duplicate and Spam stages. The lead stages are displayed in the Orxy Cloud Lead Management System.

The stages are explained below:

  1. New : When a new lead arrives, it will be displayed in New stage. 
    Note : By default all new leads will be displayed in the New stage.
  2. In Progress : After you have contacted the lead and had interactions it will be moved to the In Progress stage.
  3. Won : Once the lead has signed the contract and has become your customer they will be moved to the Won stage.
  4. Lost : In situations where you were not able to score a lead and you have lost the lead, it will be displayed in the Lost stage.
  5. Disengaged : Whenever there is a break or disengagement with your lead, incase he is not responding or replying to your messages, or e-mails those leads are then displayed in the Disengaged stage.
  6. Duplicate : Duplicate instances are those where there one lead has two records for example; one lead may two records against one email ID. These instances are displayed in Duplicate stage.
  7. Spam : The spam leads will be displayed in the Spam stage.

Lead Stages

In the Lead Stages page, you should add a set of stages that a prospect moves through, as they progress from a new lead to a customer. Once each pipeline stage is completed, the prospect should be advanced to the next stage.
The Is Closed Stage shows cross mark and tick mark icons. 
Here,  :  are closed stage and :open stage

Adding a New Stage

By default the stages which are mentioned above are displayed in the LeadCenter.AI Management System. It allows you to add a new stage according to your requirements to the existing stages.
To add a new stage , do the following:

  1. Go to LeadCenter.AI Store Manager page 
  2. Click on Setup 
    The Orxy Cloud SETUP page is displayed.
  3. Go to Leads > Stages
  4. Click on Add icon  to add a new stage
  5. Add the following details
    Order : Enter the order number in which you want to display the new stage
    Name : Enter the name of the new stage
    Color : Choose the color from the given list
    Is Closed State : Slide to the right to mark it as a closed state
    Icons : Choose the icon for the new stage
  6. Click on Add New Stage button to add the new stage 
    The new stage will be added to the existing list of stages

    You have successfully added the new stage.

Modifying a Stage

To modify a stage, do the following;

  1. Go to LeadCenter.AI Store Manager page 
  2. Click on Setup 
    The Orxy Cloud SETUP page is displayed.
  3. Go to Leads > Stages
    The Lead Stages page is displayed.
  4. Select the stage to modify and click on Edit button
  5. Modify the stage and click on Save Changes button 
    You have successfully modified the stage.
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