17+ Lead Intelligence Data Points Gathered Automatically by LeadCenter.AI

June 17, 2022

One of the key factors in improving the conversion of leads to business is intelligence. In this video, I will show you how LeadCenter.AI automate gathering more than 17 pieces of intelligence about each lead when it arrives. This intelligence would help you focus on the most qualified and hot leads to improve conversion ratio of leads to business.


LeadCenter.AI is able to gather five categories: phone call intelligence, email intelligence, intelligence about the interaction between you and the lead, the source of that lead as well as the browsing history. 

Phone Call Intelligence

The software will be able to gather the phone number of anyone fills up a form, start a chat or call. Firstly, it will verify if the phone number is valid or not. The software will be able to reveal the type of the phone whether it's a mobile or a landline. We do the verification directly through the carrier which will give you access to each lead's name, type (consumer or  business). If the phone is not valid then this is not a valid lead and the form is filled with inaccurate information and you don't need to waste time on it.

The second part is that you get automated recording of all the calls. It will show you the caller's timeline that includes the time of the call, the duration, the status of the call (accepted or missed) and more importantly, the software will automatically transcribe the code, so you don't need to listen to every single call. Actually, the entire transcription will be done automatically and you will receive an email notification for each code that gets transcribed. The accuracy of the transcription is between 80 and 95 depending on the quality of the call that's being recorded.


Whenever somebody fill up a form or start a chatting session we capture and verify the email address through the email provider. This would save you time and effort. 

The third group of intelligence that LeadCenter.AI will gather is that if you start using the software to send or receive emails and SMSs, it will gather crucial part of intelligence and that helps you improve the qualification of those prospects. One of them is the number of times a lead open an email that you sent. 

The other piece of intelligence is the number of clicks on a link within the email. How do we do this? whenever you send an email from the software it will insert what we call a pixel which will allow to track the number of opens and the number of clicks for each email that gets sent.


You can use the software to send and receive SMSs. You will be able to tell if an SMS was delivered or not and if the user replied to the SMS, and this is what we call a 360 view about the communication with that lead. 

The more a lead interacts with you, that increases the scoring of that lead, the probability of closure and would help you save time and effort by focusing on that particular lead. 

Lead Channels

The fourth group of intelligence that LeadCenter.AI will gather is about the lead channels. Lead channels will be able to get you the source of the visitor and the medium. One important thing about the medium is that it helps you identify through analytics which ads, emails, campaign, landing pages and keywords are converting best and generating the most amount of revenue. 

Google Ads

Another interesting piece of intelligence under channels is that if you are running google ads for example or if you are using utms or parameters in the urls of your website and somebody fills up a form that form will be captured. Not only that, the entire utm parameters will be captured. 

The software will be able to show which campaign or keyword got their attention. For example if a lead used a specific keyword such as SEO agency Houston, that helps improve the interaction with the lead as we know that the lead is searching for an SEO agency in Houston and the same applies for any kind of business or service. You are able to tell what the lead is interested in the campaign and that will improve your interaction with the lead.

Browsing History

The last piece of intelligence that LeadCenter.AI will gather is the browsing history or the pages that the user visited before contacting you. This would be valid only if the user fills up a form where through the session we are able to record the entire browsing history. You will be able to find out the url that the lead was in before contacting you as well as the address of his device (where the lead is calling from or where he filled up the form that's the address of the mobile phone or the pc that he used), the date and time of the visit to that specific page and the operating system that was used and the browser.

Please feel free to to set up your free account on LeadCenter.AI. If you need help in setting up your account or configuring it, please feel free to send us an email to support@leadcenter.ai or you can call us toll free at 888-291-7116.


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