5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Landing Page Builder

July 9, 2021

Landing pages are essential to any marketing campaign. But that doesn't mean they should be hard to create! With a landing page builder, you can create and publish beautiful landing pages for your business in minutes. Check out this article to learn more about the 5 reasons why your website needs a landing page builder.

Your website is a virtual storefront. When visitors land on your landing page, your first thought is how much of a good product or service they can get from you. Your landing page should give visitors a reason to take a step further and add your business to their emailing list. When they do, they're more likely to convert into customers. But if you grab them before they're ready, you could lose them forever.

To ensure your landing pages lead them to conversion, ensure your website content, fonts, buttons, and other elements arouse desire in your visitors. This is where the landing page builder comes to the rescue. By automating these elements, you can get a shopping cart to jump in and out quickly. It also helps with coding and accessibility. With lots of trial and error, you can find what works for your landing page builder.

High conversion landing page
High conversion landing page

Why does your website need a landing page builder?

Before landing pages were introduced, old-style door-to-door sales were the best way for businesses to build solid customer relationships. Based on the concept of section advertising, a salesperson would go door-to-door to prospect. The most common types of salesmen were salesmen from legitimate businesses with small shops, as well as local agencies who preyed upon the businesses' insecurities. On their doorsteps, the salesmen would try to create an instant love story between a business and its customer.

Using door-to-door sales has its pros and cons. From an ethical standpoint, there's the potential for companies to make massively inappropriate decisions in terms of sales tactics. There are also doubts whether coming face-to-face with people who were ready to sell was a successful way to sell a product or service. When the door is closed, it's often emotionally painful for salespeople and their customers to part ways.

In spite of these issues, nearly 80% of Americans aged 18 to 79 prefer salespeople in their businesses (Experian, 2020). Therefore, telling local customers about a fabulous local service or product rarely requires the exoticism of an in-person encounter. For most entrepreneurs, businesses don't need to completely remove the human touch from their sales tactics. So, simply adjusting how they present their services online is enough to adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Present your business online
Present your business online

Many marketers today are using more engaging methods to promote their products and services. Landing pages that attract the right visitors can give clients an instant feeling of connection and loyalty. People will act quickly to hire local freelancers when they know the businesses are genuine and not a riff-off of another business selling the same products. By creating a fantastic landing page and speaking directly to the customers, even if they have a hard time understanding what you do or even if they like your business at all, will reap massive rewards.

Have you ever checked your website and been frustrated by the fact that it doesn't seem to be converting very many visitors into customers? You could be doing a lot of things wrong, but there could also be several important things going on that are preventing your conversions from happening. Today we're going to dive into five of the most important reasons why landing pages should be built and why there is a great landing page builder available now.

There are five winning reasons for your business to have a landing page builder:

Let's take a closer look at each:

Your Website Isn't Designed to Convert: Building a successful landing page is more than just writing a few words on a page and leaving it to Google to figure out whether or not someone is interested in what you have to say. A successful landing page stands out from other websites because it has an element of custom-made design to convert visitors into customers. It's clear that visitors are searching for specific information about you or your services/products on the web and it makes sense that landing pages would be a top-ranking option for this type of search. The truth is landing pages are difficult to design. It's more than just putting up a page with an ad and hope for the best. It takes a lot of work, experimentation, testing, and listening to your visitors. A landing page is one of the primary channels your website uses to connect with potential customers. It can change perceptions of your company in minutes.

Comparision between normal landing page vs lead generation landing page
Comparision between normal landing page vs lead generation landing page

1:1 Attention Ratio: The basic idea of a landing page is to get visitors to a web page quickly and efficiently. There are several elements that make up a successful landing page including call-to-action (CTA), eye-catching graphics, functional links, and details about pricing or services. Having a good attention ratio is essential in order for your landing pages to be successful and particularly important for online businesses with limited budgets. Attention ratio is the ratio of potential leads to sales that matters most when it comes to driving high traffic to a business' websites. A great attention-to-detail approach coupled with a compelling script can get prospects flowing through your door rapidly. While there are many different landing page builder tools available, we recommend you consider LeadCenter.AI. A successful landing page will have a 1:1 attention ratio between the number of things vying for attention and the number of things you really need to communicate in order to convert. The more distractions you have on a webpage, the less likely it will be that visitors will convert on that page. If you try to do too many things on a page, you risk overwhelming your visitor and driving them away. When you're designing a landing page, you should identify the areas that distract visitors from your core offer and eliminate them.

Relevant message
Relevant message

Relevant Message: The first step to achieving better conversion rates is to recognize that people don't buy products or services, they buy solutions. So you need to express your company as a solution instead of a conventional product/service. It is a measured concept in marketing research. It's a way to measure how well your message fits your audience. That's why it's also called "message congruence" or "message match." In advertising, the message of a landing page is compared and contrasted with the message of the corresponding advertisement. This is sometimes followed by another approach called A/B testing or split testing.¬†Your landing page builder should make it easy to create a single, strongly cohesive message for all of your company's marketing. If you're trying to make a sale, you need to make sure that your landing page is talking directly to your visitors. A good pitch should be specific to the recipient and should highlight why they specifically should care.

Landing Page Builder

Rank Higher: A landing page builder can also help the search engine optimization of your website. Increasing search engine rankings is a major driving force behind using landing pages. Using a landing page builder will improve your search engine rankings, as these pages are typically much more optimized than standard website pages. We all know how difficult it can be to get a high ranking for search terms. Creating an optimized landing page will make it easier to rank for the right keywords. A well-built landing page increases the likelihood that we'll see it in the search results. Page builders like LeadCenter.AI focus on the user experience, which leads to higher SEO rankings.

Convert Traffic to Leads: You can drive targeted traffic to your business website using a landing page builder. It makes your site more visible to the search engines, and it also allows you to place ads on those pages for maximum effect. One of the most effective ways to drive leads and sales is to have a landing page that your audience will be interested in. You can invite your target audience to a landing page, and then guide them toward the goals you want to achieve. You can make a specific call-to-action to a landing page. You can have dedicated landing pages for each and every concern related to your business. Use forms to capture visitor information, build leads, and direct traffic. By collecting visitors' contact information via forms, you can better manage your marketing campaigns and deliver highly targeted content. You can create forms to target specific visitor behaviors by using our form-builder templates to prompt visitors with important questions before they leave your site. Customers who fill out your landing page builder forms are more likely to become leads. Increasing your marketing leads through forms is a powerful technique that can help you grow your business.

Landing Page Builder

How can you build a landing page?

Many businesses don't focus on content marketing. They let the algorithms market the good content instead. In reality, your reputation will suffer as your competitors get more and more traffic from Google. If you want your company to stand out online, you need to tell people about your goal, products, and services. People want to know what they're buying from a reputable company.

But setting up a decent landing page can be time-consuming and pretty hard to get right. Your best bet is to use the perfect landing page builder. It's like a tool with suggestions on how to create professional landing pages.

With our landing page experts' help, you can make landing pages designed for good SEO that stay online. Our suggestions include:

Each of these ideas can be used to create professional and unique landing pages. You don't need to hire an SEO expert or use expensive tools to get started!

With a landing page builder, you don't have to worry about designing good content. LeadCenter.AI helps you create b2c/b2b-friendly landing pages that sit in your website's section. This gives your page more authority and makes it stickier with your website visitors.

Landing Page Builder

For example, you can create landing pages for your subscription services or in-depth guides to your services.

First, you select your services or products. Then, you design and write the content on your landing pages. Finally, you retake and publish your pages to your specific region.

Website visitors are open to new information, so your landing pages give the best opportunity to provide that information. You can use your insights to enhance your product or services through content marketing.

If your site already has content that is leading potential customers to a landing page, you can also make that landing page as part of the website's landing page.

LeadCenter.AI has templates you can use to create your desired landing pages. You can easily publish and manage them from inside the app. Setting up a sales funnel is a complex task. To simplify things, you could use a content-first approach. This approach focuses on educating and leading your audience towards conversion instead of relying on a sales funnel.

Below are five keys to creating a successful landing page:

1. Before you start working on your design, you first need to narrow down your idea. Who are your biggest prospects? To whom do you want to deliver such a great offer? What form of visitors do you want? What are your deliverability metrics like CPL (Customer lifetime value)? Then, take the top three benefits and their functionality and determine your buyer persona. It is important to know who you're trying to sell to, so you're not trying to sell yourself out to them!

2. Your website architecture matters when it comes to your landing page architecture. What are your content types? Do you have any sections that lead to more than one page? Do you have pagination? Have you added archiving services already? It can make or break your landing page layout. Pages that have a coherent structure are easiest to navigate.

3. Visual branding can help with your skin, so it is important you understand where your audience engages and whether or not features like a header image and a navigation bar are in place.

4. Your website content should have a strong call to action. People want to know it's possible to build their dream brand and business online and what formats can facilitate that.

Landing Page Builder
Landing Page Builder

5. You can leverage navigation with popular headlines and subheadings and structured content like this. It helps to separate user flows.

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