How to Convert a Website Visit to a Lead in Less Than 10 Seconds

May 5, 2022

We did a review for a customer recently. His website was not driving leads at all for his business. He consulted with us on building a new website integrated with a lead management system. But first, we had to analyze what was wrong with his existing website.

If you are promoting a local service business, when a new customer land on your website, you should deliver to herhim the following 5 critical messages in under 10 seconds.


Assume a customer called Mike. Mike just had major water damage at his house at 6:00 AM. He uses Google to search for a company to help him fix the issue. He visits the first three websites links that show in Google or Google Map.

"Your website's whole purpose is to win Mike as a lead in 10 seconds or less

You can literally reduce your website to 20 words and one image and you will be able to generate more leads than a website having hundreds of pages and thousands of word.

We call this a Landing Page. This is more important if you are running paid ads on Google targeting expensive keywords. Otherwise, you may have wasted another $30 on a Google Click.

The 5 critical messages of the service you offer must be clear at the top of your website. In this example, our customer did water damage restoration in South California.

5 Critical Message
5 Critical Message
  1. VALUE: Water damage Repair
  2. PRICE: Insurance direct billing, Free inspection, Free estimate
  3. CREDIBILITY: Certified, 5 stars reviews, 500+ homes fixed
  4. URGENCY: Get Help Now, 24 hr Emergency Service
  5. ACTION: The phone number to call ANDor appointment or quotation form.

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