How to Generate More Leads for Financial Advisors

June 6, 2022

As a financial advisor, you know you have a lot of experience, and you can offer advice, guidance, and ingenious solutions to your clients. The problem is you don’t have as many clients as you would like and so you’re left constantly worrying about how to generate more leads. Today, your efforts to market your services are just as important as your services. In this article, we’ll share easy tips on how financial advisors like you can generate leads and focus on their business success. You don’t have to be an expert in marketing to create a strategy tailored to help your business thrive. Let’s get started.

What’s your niche?

Before thinking of the steps you can take to generate leads, you need to ask yourself one question. As a financial advisor, who are you helping? Do you offer investment planning, tax planning, or estate planning? Are you a financial planner, wealth manager, or investment advisor? If you know who you’re helping, you can help them find you by creating content that targets them. Being clear about your services will help you reach the right clients. Your content must reflect, target, and engage the right audience or it’s useless.

Create a professional website

This is a must. You cannot run a successful business without creating a professional website and updating it regularly with new and optimized content. Here’s what you can do to stand out. State clearly what your website is about from the beginning and the services that you offer. Create a website with a unique design. Remember to add what value you add to your clients. No one cares about what you can do, but what you can do specifically to help them.

Tell stories

Use the 1st person when you talk about yourself in the bio. Tell your personal story. Say how you’ve personally improved your finances, got yourself out of debt, or invested your money. Also, tell some of your success stories like how you’ve helped your clients save their money better, make better investments, or plan. Don’t just tell your clients that you can help them, show them how.

Blog regularly to show your expertise

How are people going to find out that you have experience? Show them that you’re an expert by blogging regularly. Offering free information is not such a bad idea nowadays. Google the keywords relevant to your business and check the questions that people normally ask about those topics and answer them as best as you can. Your blog should be the place where your target audience finds the financial advice they are looking for. By blogging regularly, you build a relationship with your audience, and they start to trust you and when you’re looking for a financial advisor, you come to mind.

Pay attention to SEO best practices

Paying attention to SEO keywords means that those who search for your services find you faster because you’re both using the same keywords. What are the main keywords that people use when they search for financial advisors? Include them on the website, blog, social media posts, and tags for YouTube videos. Tell Google that these are the services you provide. Most people think keyword search is the only thing they should care about. Some of the SEO best practices are optimizing page speed, making URLs SEO-friendly, and optimizing title tags, and meta descriptions. Paying attention to SEO best practices will ensure you rank higher for the keywords you’re using, and your website will show up when people look for financial advisor services.

Google Ads

Sometimes, you need to boost your results with ads. Make sure you target the right keywords for your google ads. This way the people who find your services are those who need them the most. Make sure you target the right audience because you don’t want to pay money to target those who are not interested in your services. Setting up google ads is one of the best methods of generating leads because you target those who are already interested and looking for the service.

Use Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to show potential clients how you’re going to help them by using data you already have. Case studies are a great option because when it comes to their money, people want proof and data. They don’t want promises. Use case studies to show your expertise, your planning, and problem-solving skills. It’s better to create a page dedicated to case studies on your website. The more case studies the better.

Provide free consultation, courses, webinars, etc.

If you want to reach more people, start providing information for free. A free consultation where you show your clients what you can do for them (just discussing what they have in mind and your simple recommendations). Offer free courses, create engaging YouTube video content with sound financial advice, and regularly offer webinars. This way you get the word out about your services.

Market research and follow your competitors

Market research means you check what services people are looking for, but it also means you check what your competitors are doing. You must regularly check the action plan of other financial advisors, their websites, the keywords they target, and their social media efforts. This way you can get new ideas about the best ways to market your services and generate leads.

Set up your Google My Business Account

As a professional financial advisor, you should do your best to look credible online, and there is nothing better than setting up a Google My Business account with information about the services you offer, your location, contact information, etc. It shows that you are serious about your business.

These are the first steps you should take to start generating leads as a financial advisor. Focus on research, define your niche, target your audience with content tailored to their needs, and keep going.

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