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Introduction to Website Builder


It is a super-fast website builder and takes less than 30 minutes to build your website. It helps you to customize your domain and customize the URL for SEO, thereby building website pages and menus for your website. It also helps you manage your leads from the dashboard via E-mail and SMS service. For more details see here.

The LeadCenter.AI Website Builder is very easy to use, as it lets you create an entire website within minutes just by using a drag-and-drop editor. It allows you to build the website simply by dragging elements and dropping them to the desired location and modifying it according to your preference. It is the most convenient way to run your business as this allows you to work on your website from anywhere and on any device.

It also allows you to create landing pages without having the common header and footer. For more details see here.

LeadCenter.AI Website Builder helps to build and manage your website in three easy steps.

#Step 1: SetUp your Domain

The first STEP is to set up your domain. You need to enter your domain name in the setup domain section and use the temporary default domain assigned to your store ( For more details to set up your domain, see Setting up the Domain.

#Step 2: Configuring your Domain DNS records

The next STEP is to connect your domain by adding two CNAME records to your domain DNS. For more information on how to configure your domain:
For GoDaddy, see Configuring DNS Records in GoDaddy
For Cloudflare, see Configuring DNS Records in Cloudflare

#Step 3: Choosing a Theme

The last STEP is to choose a theme for your website or create pages and menus to configure the website the way you want.

Once you have completed these steps, you have successfully completed creating your website.

Key Features of Website Builder

The key features of Website Builder are listed below.

User-Friendly Interface

It provides a very user-friendly interface that allows you to build your website the way you want it, without any coding requirements. It is very helpful for beginners as well as experienced users to use it as you can easily get the site up and running in no time.

High-Quality Themes

It provides high-quality and professional-looking themes in the website builder. You can choose your desired professional theme from the Website Builder range of themes and create an exceptional website for your business needs.

Creating Pages

LeadCenter.AI Website Builder helps you create pages for your website in no time. You can create pages for your website and customize them as per your requirement. Website Builder lets you customize the header and footer of your website by changing an icon, link, and text, etc.

Creating Forms

You can create Quotation forms that are supported by LeadCenter.AI, they are Modal Form and Inline Form. See How to Create and Build Forms to build quotation forms.

Adding Blogs

Blogs are also an important part of your website. Each blog you share tells a story about your brand. 

Advanced Appearance Settings

It provides advanced appearance setting options which allow you to customize the appearance of your website. 

  1. Advanced Styling: It lets you choose a style for your website from a list of advanced styles.
  2. Advanced Typography: It lets you choose typography from a list of professional typography options. 
  3. Advanced Coloring: It let you choose from a range of color options to design your website. It offers primary and secondary color options, the two colors which enhance the color and design of your website.
  4. Advanced Coding: It also comes with an advanced coding option, that lets you independently operate your website in the future with minimal support. 
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