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Managing Leads

The LeadCenter.AI Lead Management System which is defined as the "Leads" section allows you to manage the information related to leads. It allows you to manage the leads by sending e-mails, creating appointments, adding comments, updating the status of the leads, etc. 

To manage leads do the following;

  1.  On LeadCenter.AI, go to Leads
  2. Select the lead to manage click Actions and select the required option from the drop-down list.

The LeadCenter.AI's Lead Management System manages the following operations;

Adding Comments

To add any comments for a lead for example; if you had a meeting with the lead or call with the lead or sent an e-mail, you can add the comments by clicking on Add Comments. 
Managing Leads

Adding Tasks

LeadCenter.AI allows managing tasks for all your employees or yourself by creating a to-do list. A to-do list helps to organize your tasks efficiently and effectively. For more details on adding a task, see Managing Tasks.

Creating Appointments

To create appointments with leads you can create by clicking on Create Appointments. Add the required details to create an appointment with the lead by setting the date and time etc. For more details on creating appointments see creating a new appointment in Managing Appointments.

Forwarding Leads

You can share lead details with a colleague or an employee by clicking on Forward Lead. The Share by Email page is displayed where you can add the email ID of a colleague or an employee and even add a comment.
Managing Leads

Assigning Owner

LeadCenter.AI manages multiple owners. To assign an owner for the lead you can do by clicking on the Assign Lead Owner button. You can select the owner to whom you want to assign the lead from the drop-down list.
It also allows you to invite new users, click on "please click here" See Adding and Deleting Users to add an owner. 
Managing Leads

Updating Lead Information

You can update the information for example; basic information, address information, and Water Damage Enquiry Information for each lead by clicking on Update Lead.
Modify the information to be updated for the lead and click on the Save Changes button.
Managing Leads

Composing E-mail

You can also compose an e-mail from the LeadCenter.AI platform to the lead by clicking on Compose E-mail.
You can compose your text for the lead and Click on Send E-mail button to send out the e-mail to the lead. For more details to send e-mails, see Sending and Receiving E-mails.

Sending SMS (Short Message Service)

LeadCenter.AI Sending SMS is a premium feature. You will need to upgrade your site with a premium plan to send SMS to your lead.
Once you have upgraded to this premium service, you can send an SMS to your lead by clicking on Send SMS. You can compose your message and Click on Send SMS button to send out the SMS to the lead. For more details to send SMS, see Sending and Receiving SMS.

Run a Manual Action

LeadCenter.AI allows the user to run a manual action. Select the action to be executed and click on the Run button to run the manual action.
Managing Leads

Closing Lead

When you want to move a lead to a closed state, for example, won, disengaged stage, etc. you can close the lead by clicking on the Close Lead button.
Enter the Actual Revenue, Select Close Stage from the drop-down list, and click on the Close Lead button to close the lead.
Note: You can add the Actual Revenue as zero ($0) for other closed stages except Won Stage.
Managing Leads

Archiving Lead

LeadCenter.AI Lead Management System allows you to delete a lead. Whenever a lead needs to be removed click on the Delete Lead button.

Viewing Details

When you want to view the detailed information of a lead, you can view the lead details by clicking on the View Details button. Viewing Details displays the "View and Manage Your Lead" page which allows you to view and manage your lead. 
You can edit as well as get an overview of the lead along with customer information, appointments, additional information, customer inquiry, actions, comments, emails, and SMS information.

Adding Offline Lead

There are some instances where the lead is not generated from the online website forms, for example; you may have acquired the lead via an email campaign or call, etc. for which you have to manually add the lead in offline mode. 

By adding the new lead in offline mode in the LeadCenter.AI Lead Management System, you can track all your business here.

To add a lead in offline mode, do the following;

  1.  On LeadCenter.AI, go to Leads
  2. Click on the +Add New Lead button.
  3. Enter the Lead Basic Details, Address, and Custom Field information.
    Managing Leads
  4. Click on the Save Changes button to add the lead in offline mode.
    You have successfully added the new lead in offline mode.

Searching Leads

The Searching Lead section describes how to search lead information based on certain filters.
By default, the New stage filter under the Stage column filter will be displayed at the top of the list.

To search for leads, do the following;

  1.  On LeadCenter.AI, go to Leads
  2. Choose the options from the drop-down list of Stage, Came Between, Source, Category, Medium, Owner, Stalled For, etc.
  3. Enter the ID, Name, Email, Phone, or Company Name and press Enter on your keyboard.

    You have successfully searched the lead.
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