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June 1, 2022

Hello, my name is Mustapha Ramadan. I am the CEO and co-founder of Leadcenter.AI.

In this presentation, I'll tell you the business problem that LeadCenter.AI solves as well as give you an introductory demo to the software.

Main Problems Businesses Face

So, in working with hundreds of businesses over the last few years small and medium business specifically they tell us that they have a problem. The problem is that those businesses are losing revenue because of bad lead management practices. There are three distinct problems that those businesses face like not being able to track and capture leads from all sources especially tracking to capture those leads automatically. They are not getting enough intelligence about the lead especially for B2C businesses or business to consumer companies that they deal with. The existing CRMs don't provide much intelligence about them and they are not responding to leads on time which reduce the conversion rate of those leads to actual business.

What is LeadCenter.AI?

LeadCenter.AI is an AI-powered lead management software that help businesses grow the revenue by automating, tracking, gathering intelligence, and engaging leads to improve conversions of leads to business so the software will automate lead tracking that's for leads that comes through phone, email forms, chats or through integration with third-party lead sources gathering intelligence. Once a lead arrives, the system will start gathering intelligence about this lead and present it to the operator, lead
scoring, and automating the engaging of leads using SMS, email and appointments. LeadCenter.AI will help businesses improve conversion of leads to business while saving time and money so now I'm gonna switch to the demo to give you an overview of the system and how it's used.

LeadCenter.AI Demo

1- Management of Multiple Companies with Just One Account

I'm in the login screen and I'm going to log into my account and one of the great things about LeadCenter.AI is that I can manage multiple accounts with the same or multiple companies accounts with the same account that I have. That will be very helpful for digital marketing agencies that they manage uh that they do digital marketing for various businesses or companies. They can use LeadCenter.AI to help those businesses capture lead and show a value out of the digital marketing activities that they are doing.

2- The Main Dashboard

For example, I have Contoso. I'm gonna manage the account. This is just a demo account so none of the user information is real. Once you log in, the first thing you will see is the main dashboard. This is the main dashboard that the operator will use for marketing. There is a simple analytics dashboard and I have a different tutorial about this demoing it, but overall it gives you a quick look at the number of leads that's arriving every day, the lead distribution by sources, by stages, by medium, as well as a pivot mapping of the lead channels, and the the stage of those leads.

3-Introducing Tabs on the Left: Tasks, Leads, Appointments

The second thing on the left here, you can manage the appointments, you can manage the leads which is the lead dashboard, the tasks related to those leads, the emails that you are sending and receiving from those leads as well as SMSs and calls.

4- The Leads Dashboard

The main and the most important screen is the leads dashboard. In this screen, you can see the various leads that arrive, at what stage it is, what's the medium it arrived through and through which channel. Here, we can see the various leads, at which stages they are and how are they are progressing and those are the open leads. When I click on the three stars here, I can see the the close stages for those leads. If I click on any of the leads here, this is will open the lead view or the lead details view. The lead details view is a great way to see a 360 view of the lead, that's the lead high level details as I said where it came from - the source - as well as the basic information about it and then if you scroll down you, can start seeing more information about this lead, for example, if there is a fixed appointment with that the lead intelligence. I'll talk about it more in details as well as where you can add comments, you can manage tasks, send and receive emails, and send and receive SMSs.

5- Additional Data for Phone Call Leads

If that lead is a phone call, one additional thing that I'll be able to see is the call recording as well as an automated transcription of that call. The system will automatically capture all the leads by phone, record those calls and transcribe them for easy access for the operator to be able to make decisions about this lead and what to do with it.

6- Lead Management Software Verifies Data

One more thing that the lead management software will do is once somebody fills up a form with an email and a phone number so two pieces of intelligence will be gathered. Through the email provider, we will verify if this email is accurate and the email intelligence will tell you if it's valid or not and when when it was last verified and the phone number will be verified through the carrier figuring out is it a business or a consumer phone, what's the owner name, what's the type of the phone, and is it valid or not.

7- LeadCenter.AI Account Setup and Integrations

One of the things that you want to do once you create an account is to set up your account. To do that, you need to open the settings menu by clicking on setup here and that will create will open up the settings menu. On the setup menu, you can configure how leads are being captured, the lead management features like stages and custom fields, the workflows for example the autoresponder that will respond - will automate the responses - to leads when they arrive, email templates, and SMS templates notification, who will be notified when a lead arrives. And there as well, you can access the integration screen to configure integration with Zapier, Salesforce or Redtail.

lead introduction and tutorial demo

Thank you for watching this. Please feel free to register your free account at

If you need help in setting up your account, please send us an email to or call us at our toll-free number it's 888-297-7116

Thank you

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