How Many People are Searching for Financial Advisors Online

August 23, 2022

How many people are searching for financial advisors online on Google every month? What are the strategies that you can apply to rank higher when people are searching for services like investment management, retirement planning, annuities, or insurance? We will show you how to find the answers to those questions and how to use that knowledge to build a marketing strategy to rank your business higher in search engines to generate more leads.

This question is important to answer not only for financial advisors but any business to be able to figure out the viability of online channels like search engines in terms of driving brand awareness as well as driving leads online to their business. 

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Identify Ideal Customer Profile

The first step in the process is to identify Your ideal customer profile (ICP). The ICP should tell you the basics of the ideal potential customers for your services. This can be like high net worth individuals with more than ten million dollars of assets that live in certain geography or people above the age of 55 that are looking for help with retirement planning.

Identify the Geography

This is important if you are a small and medium financial advisor or any business because the success in any channel can be higher if you are able to focus not only on an ideal customer profile but also in geography. For example, focusing on retiree that live in Miami, Florida or high net worth individuals that live in Los Angeles or any other place across the US.

Determine Financial Advisor Services You Offer

Whether you are offering financial advice, investment management with AUM, retirement plans, tax plans, annuities, insurance, or any other services that financial advisors offer but when it comes to keyword research for SEO purposes it's very important to list the services that you are going to promote into those channels. Those three elements: the ideal customer profile, the geography, and the services you offer are important input into the next step which is we call a keyword research that simply means how many people are using search engines like google to search for those services on those geographies.

So, how do we do keyword search?

Keyword research is the way that we know how many people are searching for financial advisors online or financial advisor services? there are a lot of tools available that you can use for doing the keyword research, but personally we recommend using ahrefs and google search console.

Direct Ranking Strategy

Direct ranking strategy means that you are trying to rank directly for the services that you offer as financial advisors.

Ahrefs Keyword Search

Let's search for "financial advisors" in ahrefs and see how many people are searching for this keyword. You will see that one of the highest search keywords is "financial advisors near me" with 12000 searches per month and 18000 searches globally while for the keyword "Financial Advisors" It's around 6500. So one of the most important factors here is keyword difficulty, financial advisors near me is one of the difficult keywords to rank for, on a scale from zero to 100 it's 79% difficulty in terms of ranking for.

One of the great things that we advise our customers to do or what we do for them as part of our services is to do that extensive keyword research.

Best Keyword Opportunities

The two most important components for keyword research are volume and keyword difficulty. For example, although the word financial advisor has high volume search it may be very hard to rank for. There are workarounds and different tactics that you can apply to find other keywords that are easier to rank for and drive qualified leads. 

Here are examples for keyword research: financial consultant has extremely high volume of search like 11000 per month in the united states alone, 27000 per month globally and the keyword difficulty is 36. Much less than financial advisor so as part of your strategy you pick up this keyword and start using it to build the landing page with the url financial-consultant and then you start trying to rank for this keyword and drive business. 

Let's look at another keyword for example "retirement planning" has a high volume of search. Around 15000 people searched for this keyword online, however it's still a difficult keyword. 

Another tactic we advise our customers to follow is to add the geography to the keyword. For example the keyword"Financial Advisor Houston" with around 1000 people searches which is around 12-14 thousand searches per year. While the volume of search is not that huge you still can drive qualified leads. This means it shouldn't be hard to rank for those keywords. 

So, one of the tactics that you that you can use is to make sure that you have proper landing pages that contain the name of the city and the state that you are serving.

Financial Advisor Search Volume Statistics

The answer the question of how many people are searching for financial advisors online which we were able to get from ahrefs with the focus only to those keywords: financial advisor investment management, retirement planning, tax planning, annuities and life insurance. The total number of searches is almost 350000 searches per month however we apply a 5x multiplier for people searching for matching and related keywords for example someone searching for financial consultant or a variation of investment management and that brings you to around 1.7 million searches per month. 

Keyword Targeting

The recommendation is to be able to find keywords that focus on your ideal customer profiles with low keyword difficulty that you can rank for quickly and most of the time those are long tail keywords.  

Being able to do proper keyword research will have a major impact on your SEO marketing strategy as well as the SEO execution plan whether how you build your website, the content, the landing pages, the url for those landing pages and actually doing proper research at the beginning can help you save time and money and rank faster to be able to generate leads from online search engines.

We also prepared an excel sheet that contains the most popular 1000 keywords for financial advisors that includes the keywords, the search volume, the difficulties which you can download from the link in the youtube channel. 

If you need help with a digital marketing strategy for your financial practice or building a digital marketing execution plan please feel free to fill up the form at our website and one of our representatives will contact you.

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