How to Capture Incoming Phone Call Transcriptions to Redtail CRM Contacts

May 30, 2023

How to capture incoming phone call transcriptions to Redtail CRM contacts?

Redtail is an in-demand CRM platform that is widely used by financial advisors and wealth management companies for Customer Relationship Management. Incoming prospects’ first phone calls are the most important to record and transcribe, which will help improve the conversion of that prospect to an actual customer. LeadCenter.AI offers the capability to record incoming phone calls and transcribe them instantly. Then users can push the transcription to Redtail CRM as notes under the contact.

This article will show you how to automatically transcribe inbound phone calls and push the transcription to Redtail. We’ll also provide some tips on how this feature works so you can make the most out of it.

Why phone call transcriptions are important?

Phone call transcription proves valuable for several reasons. Say, you want to give a solution once you have ended a call with a customer, and you won’t have to worry about missing a piece of information to offer your best. Overall, here are some various situations that explain why phone call transcriptions are important. 

1- Improve accuracy and efficiency 
You can gain a deeper understanding of your prospects, especially if you are not taking the first call. The front desk team may not remember or capture all what that prospect asked for. You don’t have to ask the prospects the same questions again. Analyzing phone call transcriptions allows you to take a deeper look at your prospect’s behavior and preferences. 

2- Improve conversion rate of leads to business
By having the call transcriptions automatically transcribed and showing as notes in Redtail, you will be able to identify faster which leads are more qualified and which leads to engaging faster.

3- Save time while engaging leads 
You may have call recording enabled in your phone call system already. But, who of us will sit and listen to hours of calls to extract value? by having the call automatically transcribed and pushed to Redtail, your systems are not working in silos anymore. Incoming phone calls become an integral part of your customer relationship management.

About LeadCenter.AI

By seamlessly integrating with Redtail CRM, fills the gaps in automated lead and contact tracking. With, Redtail CRM users can capture and analyze every call, SMS, and email with prospects and customers, gaining complete visibility into the sales pipeline. Also, it automates lead management tasks with customizable workflows. 

By combining the strengths of both platforms, users can enjoy a more comprehensive and streamlined customer relation experience.

Here is how a phone transcription looks once you push it to your Redtail account.

Steps to enable phone call transcriptions to push to Redtail

  • Create an account on if you don’t have an account yet.
  • Subscribe to the professional edition and buy at least 1 virtual phone number. When subscribing, make sure to turn on the call transcription feature.
  • Setup the virtual phone number to a source (ex: Website) and redirect the virtual number to your office or cell phone number
  • Make sure to use the new virtual phone number in the source (example: website)
  • Set up the integration between Redtail and LeadCenter.AI in the Integration section. Make sure to map all the appropriate fields. Feel free to reach out to us for help to assist you.
  • Once the integration is set up, you can now push contacts and leads from LeadCenter to Redtail.
  • If the lead is a phone call, it can take up to 10 minutes for the system to transcribe it. Make sure you see the transcription on the lead details page before you push the contact to Redtail. 

If you need help configuring the steps below, please reach out to LeadCenter.AI by sending an email to We offer free setup, configuration, training, and onboarding for all financial advisors. 

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In conclusion, LeadCenter.AI offers a valuable solution for financial advisors and wealth management companies using Redtail CRM. By providing the ability to automate capturing and tracking leads from all sources, it streamlines the lead management process and helps to improve the conversion rate of leads to business. The integration between LeadCenter.AI and Redtail CRM offers a range of benefits, including the ability to automate lead management tasks, personalize communication, and streamline appointment scheduling. With LeadCenter.AI and Redtail CRM working together, financial advisors can manage their leads and customer relationships more efficiently and effectively.

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