How a Moving Company got 100 leads in 30 days and cashed more than $25,000

October 13, 2020

The moving business is getting super competitive lately. Google Adwords is expensive and it is hard to get leads and convert to business.

We will show you how a moving company in Nashville generated more than 100 leads in less than 30 days and cashed $25,000 in moving business without running any Google AdWords.

1- Upgraded to a modern website

While most moving companies already have a website, they, however, look old and from the cave era.

This website will hardly convert!

Old moving website
Old moving website

If your website looks like this, then it's about time to upgrade it, it is time to get a modern and easy to use a website

"Did you know that modern websites convert visitors to leads 300% more than older websites?"

Your website should have the ability to convert a visitor to a lead in 10-seconds or less and in less than 20 words.

 Conversion Optimized Website

Build E-commerce Website
Build E-commerce Website

Here is another example of a conversion optimized website

Build E-commerce Website
Conversion Optimized Website

2- Simple quotation forms

While most moving companies have quotation forms, they are also not optimized for conversion and ask the buyer to enter a lot of information. The quotation forms system we developed is focused on converting the visit to a lead as soon as possilbe. The moving quotation form must:

  • Minize data entry by the user. Except for the name, email, phone, and zip, all other questions must have dropdown answers.
  • Ask 6 or 7 questions at max.
  • Don't ask customers for detailed inventory list or items measurements. You can capture that later. Remeber a quotation form purpose to Capture a Lead in 20 seconds or less. The more questions or details you request, the more likely the customer will walk away.
  • Popup form: we recommend the lead form to be a popup form that cover the rest of the website behind so it has 100% customer attention.
  • In the popup form, add steps and ask a single question per step. That will increase customer attention span and guide herhim in a journey.
quotation forms on websites
Conversion Optimized Quotation Form

What's awesome about these forms is that when they are completed, the information are instantly logged into a lead management system and you get notified through email and the mobile app.

3- Connecting a virtual phone number

Being in the moving business, you are always on the go, either busy with moving or managing your crew. By the end of the day, you will have many answered and missed calls and you will not know who is who.

The best solution is a lead management dashboard with a virtual phone number to capture, record, and manage all calls coming to you in one place. In that way, you will never miss any opportunity and you can collaborate with your colleagues and engage customers to increase conversion.

Virtual phone number to increase conversion

What's great about this feature is that you can always download all numbers to send them offers or retarget customers to increase conversion.

lead management system
Make sure your website has a Lead Management Dashboard

Let us help you build a great moving company website

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4- List your company website everywhere

While a modern website will give a professional look to your business, without marketing it, it is like a store in the middle of the desert.

List your company website everywhere
List your company website everywhere

Make sure to share your website link everywhere. Customers that are serious about a moving service, will most visit your website first.

Did you know that Moving companies with website link on Yelp converts 70% more visits to business.

listing website link on other websites
listing website link on other websites

5- Pay attention to Google Map!

As you may have noticed in recent years, Google Map is first thing that appears on a local search for moving and this is making Yelp and other commercial directory websites irrelevant. To show up on top of google map search, it is not enough to have a listing. The following are the 6 key essential steps to rank higher in Google Map:

  • Offcourse get the listing verified.
  • Get many many reviews. Like at least 50 every six months.
  • List all your services in Google for Business under the services section.
  • Link to relevant pages in your website for each service.
  • Include the name of city or area you cover in each listing in service page in Google for business and your website pages.
  • List your offers regularly in the offer section in Google for business. At least 2 times per month.
  • google maps for services businesses
    google maps for services businesses
  • To show more on Google search, stay local with your website content.For example: If you are a moving business in Nashville, mention that in your landing page link, titles, and in the page content.
  • SEO optimized e-commerce websites
    SEO optimized e-commerce websites

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