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Introduction to LeadCenter.AI is an Integrated Sales and Marketing platform to help medium and small service businesses build a website, generate and manage leads, book appointments, sell and receive orders online at an affordable price.

Did you know that helps you to measure and analyze your business data by giving you graphical analytics reports about your business functions? The Analytics feature analyses your data for website visits, lead generation, orders, and appointments that help you to stay ahead of the crowd, by streamlining your operational processes. provides further assistance for website development and digital marketing services.

Challenges for Online Business

As any entrepreneur already knows for a fact that there is a lot more involved in a business than just the idea. To get started on your new venture as an entrepreneur the first thing you need to do is build your own website. Once you have made your presence online, the next step is marketing and in today's digital world Digital Marketing is what you need to grow your business online across the world. There are all other challenges attached to Online business like advertising, managing leads, communicating, selling online, and analyzing business data.

The Solution

But as you know there are too many complex and expensive tools in the market to Build and Manage an Effective Business Online. System gives you the solution by connecting your Marketing, Sales, and Services tools to a unified Lead Management(CRM) Database system


LeadCenter.AI helps you to set up your business online by helping you build your website on your own without coding or design. You can also generate and capture leads and convert them, get paid for your online services and get insight and control. Features

  1. Build Website: Build your website in three simple steps by setting up your domain, configuring your domain DNS records, and choosing a website theme.
  2. Lead Management System: Manage and engage with your leads in the Lead Management System (CRM) tool. Leads will be generated automatically from phone calls, quotation forms, or email redirects to the lead system.
  3. Calendars and Appointments: Manage your appointments with clients from the Calendars and Appointment section. Resources can be scheduled side by side.  You can easily drag and drop appointments between different resources.
  4. Forms Builder: Build quotation forms without coding or design. You can add the questions based on your requirement and the form will be generated for them.
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