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The Store Manager is the central dashboard for managing your account on LeadCenter.AI. From the Store Manager, you can:

  1. View analytics of the website visits, leads, appointments, and orders in a graphical format, based on the day-week-month.
  2. Create Appointments
  3. Creating and Managing Leads
  4. Managing Orders and Payments
  5. Creating Online and Custom Services
  6. Publishing Blogs
  7. Creating and Configuring your Website
  8. Configuring the settings for your account and website.

LeadCenter.AI Home Page
The main sections in the Store Manager are:

  1. Home: The Home page of LeadCenter.AI, displays the dashboard page which gives you a brief view of the operations and services supported.
  2. Analytics: The LeadCenter.AI Analytics section gives us an insight into how much traffic a landing page (website) is driving (acquisition), how much time a visitor spends on the page (behavior), and how is the conversion rate of the landing page (conversions), etc. There are four areas that LeadCenter.AI focuses on;
    1. Website Visits: The website analytics gives you a graphical format of the top page views recorded. It also displays the source from where it is generated, operating system and browsers used and the countries it originated from.
      Website Analytics
    2. Leads: Lead Analytics gives you a graphical format of the generated leads by source and by stage.
      Lead Analytics
    3. Appointments: The appointment section gives you a graphical view of all your appointment counts based on the calendar.
    4. Orders: Order Analytics gives you a graphical format of the Order Counts and Total Orders. 
      Order Count
  3. Appointments: This section is used to manage your appointments with clients. You can schedule resources side by side. It also allows you to drag and drop appointments between different resources. It allows you to create a new appointment, cancel an appointment, setting up calendars and resources, etc. For more details see Introduction to Calendars and Appointments.
  4. Leads: A lead is someone who is interested in the product or service that you are selling. The LeadCenter.AI Lead Management system allows you to set the leads, stages, sources. You can also manage leads from the Store Manager, send Emails and Messages to leads. For more details see Introduction to Lead Management System (CRM).
  5. Blog: LeadCenter.AI provides blog articles that you can post here and they will show on the Blog page on your website.
  6. Website Builder: LeadCenter.AI lets you create your website from the LeadCenter.AI Website Builder. It allows you to customize your website, add, update, and remove pages, update menus, and advanced settings for your website. For more details see Introduction to LeadCenter.AI Website Builder.
  7. Setup: LeadCenter.AI Setup is the LeadCenter.AI Settings page. You can change the settings for your account, including business name, username, password, notification settings, email settings, etc. For more details see Basic Setting.
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