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Overview of the Leads Dashboard

The LeadCenter.AI Home page provides shortcuts to launch the tools required to automate lead capturing and intelligence.
To launch the tools click on the button.


The LeadCenter.AI Analytics section gives us insight into lead analytics like the number of leads generated per day, week, or month.
It also displays the Leads by Source, Stage, and Medium in a pie chart diagram. For more information about Analytics, see Lead Analytics.

Manage Leads

The LeadCenter.AI Lead Management system allows you to set the leads, stages, and sources. You can also manage leads from the Store Manager, and send Emails and Messages to leads. For more information about managing leads, see Introduction to Lead Management System (CRM).


The LeadCenter.AI Tasks section allows the user to create and manage tasks. For more information about creating and managing tasks, see Managing Tasks.


LeadCenter.AI Setup is the LeadCenter.AI Settings section, where you can configure your settings. It allows you to ;

  • configure lead-capturing.
  • manage your leads' settings.
  • manage your calendars.
  • manage your workflows.
  • configure your store settings including logo, business details, and locations.

For assistance, send an email to or click on the Request Free Consultation button.

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