How to Nurture Leads via Email and SMS Upon Initial Contact

June 22, 2023

Every business thrives on growth driven by a solid client base. How can you build this client base? Through lead nurturing!

An incoming lead is just a few steps away from becoming a paying customer and you can help them close the distance via lead nurturing. For Redtail users, lead nurturing becomes convenient as their CRM enables them to keep track of incoming leads.

How does lead nurturing happen?

Lead nurturing starts from lead generation. Whenever a prospect starts looking for a solution to their problem, there’s an opportunity for you to engage them. There are a number of ways you can nurture your leads, some of them are listed below:

  • Create content that addresses your lead’s pain points and shares valuable insight.
  • Take note of your lead’s preferences and offer solutions based on that.
  • Collect and utilize data points like their name, email address, phone number, etc to develop a targeted approach like addressing them by their name.
  • Utilize automation to provide relevant content to your leads via emails.
  • Create SMS templates for a more personalized messaging tone.
  • Offer one-on-one interactions to encourage a positive customer experience.

Nurturing begins at the creation

Lead nurturing refers to a meaningful interaction with your prospects throughout their buyer’s journey. It starts from the first point of contact and goes beyond the conversion stage. It is customer-brand relationship building 101. This is what all loyalty programs aim to accomplish.

Trust is the foundation of lead nurturing and you can achieve that by delivering solutions tailored to your lead’s pain points. However, all of this can go in vain if you’re not proactively looking out for your lead when they make the first inquiry about you.

Timing is crucial

According to statistics measured by marketing charts, timing plays a crucial part in nurturing leads. 

  • Lead Nurturing within an hour makes you 700% as likely to have a meaningful conversation with a decision-maker.
  • However, 63% of companies take more than an hour to respond (or never respond at all).
  • Only 7% of companies respond within 5 minutes.

The first few minutes of a lead inquiring about your products or services are the golden moments to make use of. This is when your leads are most receptive to your suggestions and are more likely to take the next steps.

One of the reasons you may fall prey to a delay in connecting with your leads is the need for more automation. You cannot keep your eyes peeled for the incoming leads at all times. Conversely, you also need to be hyper-focused to make use of the first few minutes that a lead is interested in and establish a connection. This is a never-ending loop and demands a smart solution.

Prompting leads to move forward

A lead arrives when they’re actively searching for a solution. At that moment, your prompt response will reflect your eagerness to help. Your lead will feel heard and more inclined towards taking the next steps.

By offering multiple ways of communication, your leads are in a better position to choose from the available options and reach out to you. This puts sufficient space between you and your lead and lets them make a decision based on their convenience.

Building trust with customized emails

Right from the initial message, you should utilize the opportunity to engage with your lead. A personalized email acknowledging their pain points and offering a solution will go a long way.

“About 60% of survey participants claim email marketing is the best way to nurture and re-engage leads. It’s easy to automate it; hence is a time-saver and cost-effective tactic.”

Automate lead nurturing via LeadCenter.AI

LeadCenter.AI provides a space for financial advisors to manage and nurture leads. You can keep track of all your leads, collect data points, create personalized email and SMS templates, and automate much more functions to engage with your leads.

You can utilize LeadCenter’s powerful features for lead nurturing via email and SMS. One way of accomplishing this is via Workflow.


When you’re competing against time, the workflow takes the responsibility of nurturing your lead for you. Here’s all you need to know about this feature:

Sending an email, SMS, or both

You can start by choosing to select an email or SMS to your leads as soon as they arrive.

Selecting a trigger

This is the most exciting feature to utilize. It enables you to choose an event for sending an email or SMS. You can leverage its full potential by choosing to send an email as soon as a lead arrives.

Customizing the message content

You can customize the content of your message according to your ideal lead’s profile and cater to their pain points by offering tailored solutions.

Personalizing emails and SMS

Using shortcodes is a great way to populate messages with personalized data. It is a small piece of code that enables you to insert lead details into messages. For example, you can use the shortcode for a lead's first name, and the system will automatically populate the first name.

First nameLast nameTemplate Result 
LizTaylorHi {first_name},Hi Liz,

Whenever a lead is generated, the integration between LeadCenter and Redtail ensures that all the relevant lead information is verified, validated, and updated within the system. This allows you to use shortcodes like first and last name, email address, job title, etc. By inserting these shortcodes, your message gets a human touch and there’s a higher probability for your leads to maintain contact.

How to use Workflows to nurture leads?

You can rely on LeadCenter’s smart and innovative solutions for financial advisors like customizing email and SMS templates to reach out to potential leads. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Step 1: Sign in to LeadCenter.AI.
  • Step 2: Click on Setup in the left navigation panel.
  • Step 3: Go to Workflows & Templates tab.
  • Step 4: Click on Workflows.
  • Step 5: Click on Create Workflow button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Step 6: Start configuring workflow details in the two panes you see on the screen.
  • Step 7: Choose the event and action of sending an email or SMS in the sections on the left side pane.
  • Step 8: Use the Shortcodes pane on the right side to insert lead information.



  1. How does LeadCenter.AI facilitate lead nurturing for Redtail users?

LeadCenter enables Redtail users to configure lead nurturing workflows for when the lead arrives. By using the workflows, you can connect with your lead immediately.

  1. What role personalized emails play in lead nurturing?

When a lead arrives inquiring about your products or services, they’re hoping to hear from a person and not a chatbot. Personalized email content serves as a hook for your lead to continue reading, and gives you enough time to tailor solutions according to your lead’s requirements.

  1. Why is timing important in lead nurturing?

The first few minutes are the make-or-break point in B2C lead nurturing. If you wait too long in crafting a response, your potential customer might walk away to someone ready with an offer.

  1. Can I configure the workflows for sending an email or SMS when a lead arrives?

Yes! You can choose the event of lead creation to trigger an email or SMS whenever you have an incoming lead.

  1. Do I have to manually populate lead details like first and last names into the emails?

No, you don’t have to worry about that. You can use shortcodes instead. It will help you automate populating the lead information.

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