How To Track Website Form Submissions As Contacts In Redtail CRM Without Using Zapier

April 24, 2023

Lead management is a crucial aspect of the financial advisory services industry as they rely on lead generation to drive growth. Managing leads effectively can be a tedious task, but effective lead management is essential for converting leads into paying customers.

There are multiple ways to integrate your website form submissions with Redtail CRM. However, direct integration may result in a lot of spam and duplicate contacts in Redtail. Also, there are website platforms used by financial advisors (e.g. WordPress, advisorwebsites, FMG) and each one comes with its own requirement for integration. LeadCenter.AI makes it possible to integrate your website forms with Redtail using any website platform or form builder. It also gives control over which contact or lead will flow into Redtail. The integration is direct without using Zapier or any third-party integration app.

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about tracking website form submissions as a contact in your Redtail CRM account.

Steps to enable the integration

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  1. Sign-up at LeadCenter.AI and start a 30-day free trial.
  2. Set up the integration between Redtail and LeadCenter from the integration screen.
  3. Optional: Create a new source for the form. Sources are channels like Google Ads, Facebook, etc. Those channels will redirect your leads to your website to fill in their information in the form. 
  4. Setup your domain in under Setup \ Lead Capturing \ Custom Domain.
  5. Install the javascript on your website. 
  6. Register your website form under Setup \ Lead Capturing \ External Forms. The most important thing is the form ID or CSS selector for LeadCenter to identify the form.
  7. Make sure the form is activated in the external form screen.
  8. Test the integration by filling up the form on your website.

For detailed step by step on the actions above, please go LeadCenter knowledgebase

Now, every time a form is filled, it will be captured as a lead in LeadCenter.AI. Once a lead arrives, you will be notified via email. Click here for detailed steps on how to set up lead notifications.

You can do the following actions on the lead from the leads dashboard or lead detailed page before you push it to Redtail.

  • Delete it if it is a duplicate. Deleted leads are not really deleted, they are just archived. You can recover them from the deleted lead\contact folder.
  • Mark it as spam. If you mark the lead as spam, two things will happen:
    • The lead will be moved to the spam folder.
    • Future phone calls and emails from this will be blocked and moved to the spam folder automatically.
    • You can recover a lead from the spam folder.
  • You can update the lead details or add additional information before you push it to Redtail

Once you are ready to push the lead to Redtail as a contact, click on Push to Redtail in the lead Actions menu.

  • The contact will show in Redtail within 60 seconds.
  • Data will flow based on field mapping from LeadCenter to Redtail.
  • Additional information about the lead will show in the notes sections.

If you need help setting up the integration, please fill out this form. Our support team will contact you as soon as possible.

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For a detailed step-by-step guide, please visit the following sections in the knowledgebase:


Now, let’s read people also asked questions about the topic.

#1. Why should I integrate my website forms with Redtail CRM?

Integrating your website forms with Redtail CRM can help streamline your lead management process by automating lead capture and tracking, improving lead management, and generating reports. It can also help you monitor lead activity in real-time and make more informed decisions.

#2. Can I track different types of WordPress forms with Redtail CRM?

Yes, can integrate with various types of WordPress forms, including contact forms, registration forms, newsletter sign-up forms, subscription forms, survey forms, feedback forms, donation forms, and order forms.

#3. Is easy to use for tracking website form submissions in Redtail CRM?

Yes, offers a simple and user-friendly interface for integrating website forms with Redtail CRM. The registration process is straightforward, and the platform provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through the integration process. Additionally, once the integration is set up, tracking form submissions in Redtail CRM is a breeze.

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